Play Legal Poker in Nevada

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The state of Nevada (always a gambling pioneer) is the first state to officially pass and regulate online poker within the states borders. We applaud Nevada on their bold and well overdue decision and actions to move USA legal poker forward in the right direction. With Nevada leading the way more states will shortly join and offer fully regulated online poker.

Ultimate Poker is open for business in Nevada and you can play online at this 100% legal and fully regulated poker site. The success and initial response has been great at Ultimate Bet as they surpassed 1 million hands being dealt in just two weeks. You have to be a resident of Nevada to play at Ultimate Bet, but other states are in the process of opening online poker sites as well.

Delaware and New Jersey are the closest to opening online poker sites in their respective states and others have legislation already drawn up and on its way through the state house and senate to be voted on. By the end of 2013 we expect that at least 2 other states will have options for their residents to play poker online.

A major advantage to playing at a state regulated poker site is the ease of making deposits. Making deposits is the major struggle of playing online poker offshore. Many offshore poker sites struggle with getting USA credit cards approved and withdraws can be pricey.

If you live outside of Nevada check back here in our news section regularly as we will always list the states that open new legal online sites. You can also play at any of the USA legal poker sites that are licensed offshore. Some states may be slow to pass legislation but you can continue to play at the best online poker sites that continue to accept USA players.

Good luck at the tables and may the cards treat you well. Remember to check back often for newly added poker sites operating within state borders.

Americas Card Room Named Best

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Americas Card RoomWe have always had Americas Card Room in the top 3 as a great place to play USA legal poker and now will their improved deposit successes we have named them the best USA legal poker site. Sign up at Americas Card Room (ACR) and claim a great bonus and get your deposits approved.

Americas Card Room offers a 100% match first deposit bonus up to $1000 which is pretty easy to earn. You earn $1 of your Americas Card Room bonus for every 5.5 rank points earned. You earn rank points by playing real money ring games and tournaments. Earn 5.5 rank points for every $1 contributed to rakes or paid in tournaments fee’s. After earning 55 rank points $5 of your bonus is released into your real money player account.

Americas Card Room offers some great deposit options for USA residents. Deposit with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. They have great success getting credit acrds approved but if for some reason yours is declined you can send cash by Western Union or Money Gram. When you want to make a withdraw you can do so by requesting a check or cash. Checks arrive in about 7 business days and you can have your cash pickup details in as little as 72 hours.

Some great features at Americas Card Room include a bad beat jackpot and a progressive rake chase. Americas Card Room is one of the few USA legal poker sites that offera  bad beat jackpot. Get beat holding quad 8’s or better and receive 30% of the jackpot. The jackpot is regularly over $100,000 and has grown to be a half millions dollars.

You can also play in ther progressive rake chase. The rake chase is a monthly progressive poool that gets paid out at the end of the month to the most activ eplayers. The size of the pool is dertimined by how many players are playing and how much. It also is usually over $100,000. At the end of the month, based on how many players were playing in the month, 30-50 players share this jackpot.

So if you are looking for a great USA legal poker site, see our Americas Card Room review for more information and sign up as a new player. When you use our website to sign up receive a $1000 bonus which is easy to earn. Americas Card is our best USA poker site.

Get the Best Poker Site Traffic

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If you are looking for an online poker site with great site traffic check out PokerHost. PokerHost runs on the Merge Gaming Network which is the largest USA friendly poker network. PokerHost will always have a table running at the ring game level of your choice and has sit n go and multi table tournaments kicking off every minute.

PokerHost also offers one of the largest poker available. Claim a huge 200% match poker bonus up to $5000. PokerHost also offers a reload bonus on every deposit you make. When you clear your sign up bonus enjoy a 50% match bonus on every deposit you make. At PokerHost you will always be earning some free poker cash which can really add up over the course of a month. With PokerHost being so generous with bonuses there is no reason to ever play USA legal poker without earning a bonus.

After the Merge Gaming Network and PokerHost, the USA poker sites that run on the Revolution poker network have the next best site traffic. Play at Lock Poker and also claim a huge bonus when signing up. Use our link and receive a 200% match bonus up to $4000 at Lock. The Lock Poker is also easy to earn. Earn $1 of your bonus for just every $2.38 paid in rake or tournament fee’s.

So if your looking for action at any time of the day play at PokerHost or Lock Poker. PokerHost has the best site traffic but Lock is right behind them.

Learning to Play Poker

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If you are new to playing poker be sure to take the time to properly learn the games and develop some basic strategy. Every poker pro will tell you that poker is not something that just comes naturally. While some players have good instincts you still must practice and take the time the time to read some strategy articles and books.

Whether you entirely new to the games or advancing in play look for resources that can help improve your game. A must for any poker player is knowing how to count your outs plus understanding pot odds and implied pot odds. If you are unfamiliar with these terms you have a little more work to do.

Knowing your pot odds are crucial to being a profitable poker player. Pot odds tell you when it is in your best interest to call a bet or fold. By counting your number of outs and then dividing the bet amount by the pot amount you can figure out if its profitable to call the bet. Pot odds should also be considered when making a bet. You want to make sure you are betting enough so that your opponents simply do not call to chase a card. If you bet to little it will be in his best interest to call the bet. You can also bet less and give your opponent good pot odds if you slow rolling or trapping your opponent. For more on pot odds, implied pot odds and reverse pot odds see a great article explaning poker pot odds.

Also when starting out to many poker players start out playing free games. This is the worse way to learn poker. The play difference between free poker and real money poker is amazing. By playing free poker a player has no reason not to chase a card to try to hit a straight or flush. If he losses all he or she needs to do is refill their play balance. When there is real money on the line peoples habits change quickly. Rather than playing free poker start out playing at very small stakes. You can play for a long time on as little as $20 at low stakes level.

Also do not start out to high or continue to raise your stake levels before you are ready. as the stakes increase so the quality of the opposition. If you find yourself dominating at a lower stakes level move up just one level. Then slowly continue to climb the stakes ladder as you master more of the game.

For some great tips for beginner, intermediate and experienced poker players can be found on the website The website offers a wealth of information and strategy for every poker player. You can never read enough on how to play poker to help continue to sharpen your skills. The more you read and practice the better of a poker player you will become.

Getting Poker Deposits Approved

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If you live in the United States and like to play online poker you know how difficult it can be to get a credit card deposit approved. Well no longer! Deposit to the USA legal poker sites we recommend and get your deposit approved every time.

Lock Poker has the best USA credit card success rates in the industry. Accepting both Visa and MasterCard, Lock Poker does an outstanding job getting your credit card deposits approved. Using a Visa you will never have any trouble. We have made literally over 100 deposits at Lock Poker with our Visa and it has always been approved. MasterCard also works well but Visa acceptance rates are a little better. This is true not only at Lock Poker but all USA online poker sites in general. See our Lock Poker review to sign up and claim a huge 200% match bonus on your first deposit up to $4000. The Lock Poker bonus is also the easiest USA poker bonus to earn. Pay only $2.38 in fees or rake and earn $1 of your bonus.

After Lock Poker, PokerHost has the next best success rates with credit cards. Also accepting Visa and MasterCard PokerHost does a great job as well. Sign up at PokerHost and claim a 200% match bonus up to $5000. PokerHost is our all around best USA legal poker site. They have a great bonus, the best site traffic and outstanding software. Add outstanding customer service and there really is not a reason to play anywhere else. PokerHost is one of the few poker sites that offer a 1.800 for support showing their commitment to offering the best customer service you can imagine. Players who try PokerHost generally continue to play there because there is not a better poker site. You will also receive a reload on every deposit you make at PokerHost so you will always be earning some free cash. See our PokerHost review for more details and to sign up.

For more USA friendly poker rooms see all the poker sites we recommend and the full poker reviews for each. All the sites we recommend accept USA players and offer a great online experience, we just think PokerHost offers everything an avid online poker player could ask for.

So quit sitting the sideline and get your deposits approved at Lock Poker or PokerHost. Use your USA Visa or MasterCard credit card at either USA poker site and get it approved. These are the best poker sites to make credit card deposits.

Play at PokerHost – Our Best Site

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If you live in the United States and are looking for a great USA legal poker site to play at, check out PokerHost. PokerHost accepts USA players and deposits and is our best USA legal poker site. They have great deposit options and outstanding site traffic and software.

Sign up at PokerHost and claim a great 200% match sign up bonus up to $5000 on your first deposit. You will also receive a reload on every deposit you make thereafter. PokerHost is one of the most generous USA poker sites when it comes to bonuses. When you play at PokerHost you will always be earning a bonus.

PokerHost also does a great job getting USA credit card deposits approved. You can deposit with your Visa or MasterCard and chances are it will be approved. In the event it is not, you can use Western Union to send cash using your credit card. PokerHost is the only online poker site that allows this type of deposit. You can simply go to the Western Union website and send cash using your credit card. Western Union deposits are always approved so will be playing online poker in minutes.

PokerHost also offers very fast withdraws. You can receive you winnings by check, wire or cash transfer. If you choose the cash transfer option you can have your pickup details within 36 hours.

PokerHost also has outstanding site traffic and software. They operate on the Merge Gaming Network which is the largest poker network for USA poker sites. You will always find ring games and tournaments at the levels you wish regardless of the time of day. You will also find very robust software which includes features like Show 1 Card, Rabbit Hunting and Deal it Twice. The software is also Mac compatible.

For more information see our PokerHost review and sign up as a new player. You will not be disappointed with the online poker experience at PokerHost. Players who try PokerHost generally stay at PokerHost.

Pennsylvania Joining the Online Poker Boom?

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Pennsylvania may be the next state to introducing legal online poker at the state level. Gaming in Pennsylvania has become a major attraction and revenue generator for the state and is actually the second most lucrative market when it comes to gaming. So why not add online poker to the menu?

Representative Tina Davis has announced she will introduce a bill to allow online poker in the state as well some online casino games. The current gaming regulators would oversee the online portion of the business of the tax revenue generated would go to state lottery fund and property tax relief fund.

It will not be cheap to start an online poker site or casino in Pennsylvania with proposed licenses costing a whooping $16.7 million. Even with the high price tag undoubtedly the licenses will go quickly especially with gaming giant Penn National Gaing being located in the state.

Pennsylvania, once one of the slower states to allow such “taboo” as gambling has embraced it heavily in recent years once they realized how much of revenue generator gaming provided. Rather than watching their residents go across borders to New Jersey and West Virginia spending billions, they now have several land based casinos within their borders as well as off track wagering for horse racing.

This is another state we hope will continue to push USA legal poker to full regulation and hopefully within this year online poker players can once again log in to the enjoy one of their favorite pastimes. Legislation is moving slowly in a few states but it is just a matter of time before it comes to fruition.

Claim the Easiest Poker Bonus

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Poker bonuses can add hundreds of dollars to poker bankroll per month if used correctly. It is free money the site offers you for singing up at their site and then to also retain you as a player. Be sure to claim every bonus that is offered to you to take full advantage of the free money.

One thing about poker bonuses is some sites offer huge bonuses but they are so hard to earn they become worthless. That is not the case at Lock Poker. Lock Poker offers a huge sign up bonus and it is actually the easiest poker bonus to earn. At lock you earn $1 of your bonus for just every $2.38 paid in tournaments fees and/or rake. This is by far the easiest poker bonus to earn.

Lock Poker accepts USA players and does an outstanding job getting USA deposits approved. Deposit at Lock Poker with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Lock Poker has great site traffic and it continues to get better and better. The main reason for the growth at Lock is their ability to get USA credit  cards approved. It is so frustrating wanting to play online poker but being unable to get a deposit approved. That is not the case at Lock. We have never has a Visa deposit declined and only on rare occasions does our MasterCard not work.

Sign up at Lock Poker and claim a massive 200% match bonus on your first deposit up to $4000. Lock Poker also offers reload bonuses on a regular basis. When they offer these bonuses be sure to claim them even if you have plenty of cash in your player account. It is free money and easy to earn so has to be taken advantage of.

See our Lock Poker review for more details and to claim your bonus. A bonus code is not needed as long as you use one of our links. Lock Poker is one of our top recommended USA legal poker sites.