Poker Lingo: Explanations of Poker Terms — Part 1

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Playing poker with your friends is always fun, and if both you and your friends are new to the game, you will not run into trouble while playing the game. The rules of Texas hold ’em and other poker variants are somewhat simple.

However, the moment you decide to play USA legal poker on a slightly more professional level (which usually means playing online poker), you will encounter some of the terms that may not be as familiar. These terms are usually related to some poker strategies or betting that are widely accepted by the players.

Let’s take a look at a couple of interesting ones.


The ante is usually a type of small bet that all players have to make before every hand. It’s a sort of payment for taking part in playing the hand.


Backdoor winners are those who don’t have favorable cards on the flop, but they manage to make a good hand with the turn and the river. In other words, their win came through the back door and not straight away. For example, if you have 9, 10, and J in your hand and on the flop, and Q and K coming on the turn and the river, respectively, you will make a backdoor win.


In tournaments, many players pay an entry fee (the buy-in) in order to take part and play poker against other players. However, not all players get a prize. Before every event, the number of players who get to share the prize pool is determined. The last player to finish the game without receiving any money is the bubble. For example, if the top 15 spots are paid and you end up 16th, you are officially the bubble.


Being counterfeited meaning getting cards on the board that make your hole cards without value. For example, if you have a pair of fives in your hand and the community cards display a pair of nines and a pair of jacks, your fives are no longer important, and all other players can beat you if they have a hole card higher than a five.

Every once in a while, we will get back to the Poker Lingo articles and continue exploring interesting terms used in poker. Until then, make sure to check out some poker site reviews and start your online journey as a poker player. Most of these sites offer great welcome bonuses for new players, and they are a great way of entering the world of semi-professional and professional poker.

What Are Side Pots in Poker?

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If you are new to playing poker, you probably have not had a lot of opportunities to learn about the side pot. It is something that is a part of every poker game and is very important as a part of an all-in bet.

Every USA legal poker site has a side pot option in all their tournaments and cash games, so let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

A side pot is created every time someone makes an all-in bet but doesn’t have enough chips for other bets. Let’s say Player No. 1 has a total of $25 in chips and goes all-in pre-flop. On the other hand, Player Nos. 2 and 3 have $100 and $200, respectively. Now — what happens when No. 1 makes an all-in bet?

Well, two players can either decide to call or fold. If they call, they will both have to invest a total of $25 each to the main pot, making a total pot of $75.

However, Player Nos. 2 and 3 still have a lot of chips left and want to continue the betting round. Since Player No. 1 cannot follow them, as he has invested all of his chips, Nos. 2 and 3 must create a side pot. This pot is won by either Player No. 2 or Player No. 3 as Player No. 1 cannot take part in it.


Let’s say that Player No. 1 has the best hand when they show their hole cards. It means that he will take his prize, which is the $75 that was bet in the main pot. However, he cannot claim anything from the side pot as it was out of his betting scope.

Now, let’s say that Player No. 2 has the second-best, meaning all the additional chips that Nos. 2 and 3 bet in a side pot now belong to him. Basically, in our case, only Player No. 3 loses chips, and player Nos. 1 and 2 win. It’s even possible for No. 2 to win more money if the side pot was bigger than the main pot.

Many USA poker sites offer great online poker versions, and you are free to register and test your luck and skills by playing poker on them. It is a great opportunity to see how a side pot works and how you should use to improve your poker strategy and your overall success in this game.

Make sure to check out poker bonuses offered on these sites, which can help you jump-start your online poker experience.

Americas Cardroom — What Are Sit & Go Tournaments?

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Americas Cardroom has always been very innovative when it comes to online poker tournaments, as they always manage to find a new way to make them more interesting. We live in a fast-paced world, where online poker players don’t really have the time to sit throughout entire tournaments. That is why they came up with this interesting concept which immediately gained popularity among professional and amateur poker players.

If you like fast-paced USA legal poker, this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and win great prizes.

The tournament actually has a pretty standard format. Prize pools and payouts are determined before it begins, and every player who wants to buy themselves a seat at it can see potential prizes.

When it comes to buy-in, everything is possible. They can be as low as $1.50 per tournament and go as high as $1,000. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide which buy-in suits your current budget and skills and start your online poker experience.

Types of poker that are available are Hold ’em PLH High-Low, and PLO High. Moreover, available formats include Regular, Turbo and Hyper-Turbo events. In other words, when you take all these things into account, there is a wide variety of events that can meet everyone’s needs.

Sit & Crush

What makes these tournaments special is the so-called Sit & Crush promotion. With this promo program, all Sit & Go that is collected weekly are redistributed back to players who played the most Sit & Go tournaments.

Every player who takes part at the Sit & Go tournaments at Americas Cardroom will be tracked automatically. The ones that play the most will be on the leaderboard, and the most active ones will be rewarded with cash prizes according to their ranking. Therefore, you don’t have to be good, you just need to be persistent, and prizes will come. However, you should know upfront that there are some really persistent players on the platform.

If you plan to register on Americas Cardroom for the first time, make sure to also check out the welcome bonus that all new poker players receive when they register on the site. Feel free to explore other lucrative promotions, as the site also offers bonuses for existing players.

Moreover, if you want to check out other popular poker platforms, make sure to check some of the poker site reviews in order to learn more about online poker in the US. Apart from Americas Cardroom, other great places for playing poker on the web are Bovada and BetOnline.

Who Are the Most Popular Female Poker Players?

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Most poker players nowadays are men. The reason behind this is that poker was once portrayed as mainly a sort of entertainment only for real men. It was something that yelled masculinity.

However, things have changed nowadays, and poker is more open to women. Come to think of it; one cannot help but wonder, why aren’t there more women in poker? As a matter of fact, the numbers are getting better every year, especially on the web, where USA legal poker sites show that women are getting more interested in this sort of entertainment.

Unlike other sports where physical strength is important, and the division between male and female must exist, poker allows every gender to participate. It is a game that should be at the forefront of gender equality!

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular women in poker!

Vanessa Selbst

Selbst has earned more than $11 million by playing poker. She is No. 1 on the female all-time money list and No. 41 on the overall all-time money list. She has three WSOP bracelets, and the highest amount of money she won was back in 2012 when he ended up in 73rd place in WSOP Main Event.

Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert has won a total of $6.17 million and has a WSOP bracelet in the 2004 event’s $1,500 Limit Texas Hold ’em Shootout. She is very active in WSOP tournaments, having a total of 47 cashes in WSOP events.

Annie Duke

Annie Duke, who is also known as the Duchess of Poker, comes from a family of successful poker players. She has earned a total of $4.27 million and also has a WSOP bracelet from 2004. She was the leader on the all-time money list for women until Slebst took that title.

Annette Obrestad

Obrestad comes from Norway, and she was considered a poker prodigy by many professionals as she was already doing pretty good when she was only 15. In fact, she won more than $1 million only by playing poker online. By the time she was 19, she was already a champion of the first WSOP Europe Main Event, earning another $1 million.

Naturally, the list doesn’t end here, as there are many other successful women in poker. We are definitely going to continue writing about them sometime in the future. What is important now is that they are present on the web more than in land-based tournaments, and they are doing pretty well. If you happen to belong to the fairer sex, make sure to check some poker bonuses and try playing online poker – you might discover a new passion.

2019 WSOP Main Event: Ensan Still on Top as the Top Three Advance

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This year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) $10 000 Main Event has proven to be full of ups and downs. You can read all about the past rounds and other USA legal poker news, as well as, play a few rounds yourself on these sites: America’s Cardroom, Bovada, and BetOnline. Feel free to check out poker site reviews to find the perfect match for you.

With just one day to go until the crowning of a new champion, to say that things are heating up in this year’s WSOP Main Event is an understatement. There are three players left out of the second-largest pool of players that started at over 8 000 hopefuls. The battle for the Main Event bracelet and the cash prize of $10 million awaits the winner.

Hossein Ensan is at the top of the leader board and has been going consistently strong for a while now. On days seven through to nine, he remained on top and increased his stack by over 50% and accumulated over 326.8 million.

Compared to Dario Sammartino’s 67.6 million and Alex Livingston’s 120.4 million Ensan’s winnings are a multiple of his opponent’s accumulations. In second place, Livingston is the next biggest mover of this round.

When Ensan is asked about his opponents and which he considers more dangerous, he replies that both are worthy opponents and that the leader board doesn’t mean much in poker. He goes on to explain that he might have an advantage when it comes to the chips but notes that during the previous round Gary Gates was in second, and he is now out – emphasizing his point.

Gary Gates, unfortunately, saw an end to his amazing run during this round and placed fourth. This may have been an emotional loss for the player, but fans literally stood by him and chanted his name in support of the player and congratulating a fantastic run as Gates made his exit.

At 5:30 pm on Tuesday (July 16th), the final three will return to the table to play until a champion is crowned. Anything is possible, the leader Ensan could bring home the title, or an underdog could surprise everyone – it’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

BetOnline Offers a 100% Welcome Bonus Up to $1,000 for Poker

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If you are a poker fan, you must be watching some of the 50th Annual World Series of Poker live tournaments that are currently underway. However, if you were not able to go there and take part in the events, you should consider an alternative called BetOnline. It offers USA legal poker with a lot of poker tournaments going on.

One of its best features is definitely the promotions offered to new players, with the welcome bonus offer being the first promo you’ll receive. Therefore, make sure to register at BetOnline and claim their Welcome Bonus as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at their offer. It’s actually pretty straightforward, as it grants you a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. In other words, if you deposit, for example, $50, you will receive an additional $50 which you will be able to use on playing poker on this platform. One of the things that you should take into account is that the site has an upper limit to its welcome offer, which is $1,000. Therefore, if you deposit $1,000, you will receive $1,000 more in bonuses, but that is the most money you can receive from this bonus.

How to Claim the Welcome Bonus
The process is pretty simple as all you have to do is open an account on the platform and make an initial deposit. After that, send an email to and use the appropriate bonus code in order to activate the bonus. Your account will be funded with additional money as soon as possible so that you can start your online poker journey.

BetOnline also offers 4x FREE TICKETS for their tournament called $2,500 GTD Weekly Sunday New Player Freerolls. You can redeem these tickets during the first four weeks of your stay and get instant access to tournaments that offer up to $10,000 in prizes for the most successful poker players.

One more thing — the welcome bonus also comes with a set of terms and conditions which you need to check out before you make your first deposit in order to know whether you are eligible for receiving the bonus money and how you could spend it.

Finally, BetOnline is not the only website that offers online poker, so make sure to check out poker site reviews and see what other platforms such as Bovada or Americas Cardroom have in store for players who decide to join them.

3 Best Online Alternatives to the WSOP Tournament

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The World Series of Poker Tournament has begun and all poker fans are now focused on either playing it or watching it. We believe that you are probably interested in it, but not all people have the time or the money to fly to Las Vegas and take part in this exclusive tournament. Therefore, finding online alternatives is always a good idea, so make sure to read about the three best ones that we are going to present in this article if you like to play USA legal poker.

Americas Cardroom
Americas Cardroom (also known as Americas Card Room) is an excellent online poker platform that has been in business for 18+ years. Apart from offering great poker rooms where you can play various types of poker, this platform also includes a couple of hefty bonuses for both new players and the existing ones. Furthermore, you will be able to use some of the most popular US payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals to and from this site.

Bovada is even older than Americas Cardroom, with its origins dating back to 1995 when it was first launched as one of the online casino pioneers. It is a comprehensive online gambling platform that offers not only poker, but also casino games, betting on sports, and more. Apart from being MAC-compatible and available for US players, this platform also offers a couple of lucrative promotions that could boost your online poker experience.

BetOnline is an online sports betting platform that also has a fantastic online poker section. It offers large bonuses for new players and has been in the business ever since 2001. Playing poker on this platform is legal, and you can use popular payment methods in the US on this platform as well.

If these three sites seem interesting to you, make sure to check out the poker site reviews where you can read more about Americas Cardroom, Bovada, and BetOnline. That way, you will have an opportunity to learn about welcome bonuses, additional promos, poker rooms, quality of the supporting software, and more. Finally, you could check out the three suggested sites yourself and register on them to explore poker rooms and have fun with other games if they are available.

Although they are not the World Series of Poker tournament, these sites are a great alternative and will certainly keep you occupied and satisfy your poker cravings during the tournament.

The 50th WSOP Will Have a Massive Main Event Prize Pool

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If you consider yourself a poker player or at least just a poker fan, you are probably excited as much as we are about the upcoming World Series of Poker tournament that will take place in Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Since it is the 50th anniversary of this tournament, there will be a lot of interesting things happening for more than a month.

Therefore, if you are from the US, and you enjoy playing USA legal poker, you are going to have a ball by either watching or taking part in the WSOP events.

There will be many interesting events, but we want to focus on just one, which is considered the central event in all poker tournaments. The WSOP Main Even is also called the WSOP $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship, as the player who takes the final prize is definitely considered the champion of the tournament. The Main Event will begin on July 3 and the finale is planned for July 16. In other words, the event will last for almost two weeks as many players are expected to put their skills and luck to a test by taking part in it.

The Main event will be covered by ESPN and there will probably be a couple of online streaming platforms that will follow what is happening in various events in the tournament. The guaranteed prize pool for the Main Event is $5 million, but that may increase in regard to the number of players who apply for the event. Just for the sake of comparison, last year’s Main Event saw a total of 7,874 players who managed to create a prize pool which was $8.8 million.

Although the World Series of Poker takes place in the US, there will be participants from all over the world flying to Las Vegas to play poker with some of the best professionals in the industry. In fact, participants from more than 100 countries are expected, so Las Vegas is going to be very multi-cultural for the next month and a half.

If you don’t have the time and money to fly to Las Vegas and take part in these events, make sure to check out poker site reviews and select some of the best poker sites in the US that will give you an opportunity to play poker online with players from your country.