The Most Basic Poker Tips

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Playing poker, whether online, on your cell or with real people at a casino or with friends is a sometimes complex yet generally hugely enjoyable experience. Thousands of books have been written offering poker advice, tips and strategy and the subject is as well documented and researched as just about anything else in the world of gambling.

It is, therefore, beyond our scope to compete with such detailed guides but we can give you some very basic pointers that will immediately improve your chances of walking away a winner.

The first and most important thing to do is maybe obvious, choose a great online poker site. All the poker sites featured here score very well over the whole range of features that matter most. When deciding on a poker site you should ask a few questions. Is the site trustworthy and reputable? Do they offer generous bonuses and promotions? Is there a good variety and number of games? Are the games and graphics professional? The answer is yes in all cases.

The next most important thing is to only play online poker when you are in the right frame of mind. Poker is a game of skill and one that requires concentration, focus, determination and confidence.

When you’re bored, tired, feeling down or, worst of all you’ve been drinking, you’ll be lacking one or more of those attributes and your chances of doing anything other than making the other players at the table richer are slim.

If you’re playing tiny stakes and have a lot of self-control and don’t mind losing a few dollars and you simply enjoy playing, then by all means play at such times. But for many people this is a bad idea and can easily lead to large losses, loose play and frustration.

The next straightforward tip is to try and find a table where the other players are at your level – or even better, below it! One of the oldest, best and truest poker quotes is, “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker”. Watch for the plays made by the other guys and try to cash in if there is a player who might be drunk, tired, or just plain not very good.

None of these tips will make you a millionaire or take you to the World Series but they will certainly help you avoid making the most basic of errors. Enjoy your online poker, practice, practice, practice and you might just get a bracelet one day!

Choose from any of our USA legal poker sites and claim some free money. Claiming free poker bonuses is another great tip on how to make your bankroll last longer. Especially if your new to the game, poker bonuses can help to offset some losses when you are just starting out. If you do not fully understand the terms used when playing, we have put together a poker terms page which defines some of the most basic terms you will hear while playing.

A Quick Look at Americas Card Room

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Americas Card RoomAmerica’s Cardroom is one of the longer established USA legal online poker sites you will find and with that comes plenty of industry know how and a great player experience. Read on for the full run down with details of their latest promotions and bonuses, best features and the quality of their gameplay.

America’s Cardroom offers new players a 100% match bonus up to $1000 on your first deposit. The bonuses do not stop there however, America’s Card Room is constantly offering bonuses and promotions and they are not kidding when they state, “the sole purpose at Americas Cardroom is to bring ongoing promotions designed for US poker players.

Even though they are great, the bonuses are not the main reason to come to America’s Cardroom. The main reason to play here is that they are – as the name suggests – a great way for USA poker fans to get some action. Deposits and withdrawals are handled really well and there’s always a good choice of games going on. In addition the registration process is just about the quickest and easiest we’ve ever seen so you can get going right away.

Another really neat feature at America’s Cardroom is their great Poker School, which has a really detailed guide to playing the game. If all your buddies never stop talking about poker but you think a flush is something that happens in the restroom and a full house is what you have at Thanksgiving then this is the place to go and learn about this awesome game.

In the Poker School you’ll find rules, strategy, tips and loads of detailed articles that will help both total poker pretenders and poker pros. It’s nicely laid out, easy to use and a top quality resource.

America’s Cardroom also offers a wide variety of games in both the of type and stake size, so there will always be something you feel comfortable with playing. The games, like America’s Cardroom’s customer support, are available 24/7 with live chat always available resolving any issues that may come up.

America’s Card Room is a great place to play USA legal poker and you will be able to find all the action you want at the tables. For more information see our complete Americas Card Room review and get started at one of the best USA online poker sites available.

Texas Holdem Hole Card Strategy

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For fans of online poker, Texas Hold’em is the game that is not only the most popular but the one in which it is easy to learn. That is not to say winning is easy, of course, as much will depend on the skill of the players you face in any given game. Read on for information that could at least help you make the right choices before the flop.

In Texas Hold’em poker, two cards are dealt to each player face down (known as the “hole cards”), and bets are placed or cards are folded before the first of the three community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table, known as the “flop”. Another round of betting ensues before the fourth community card (the “turn) is dealt; then another round of betting before the fifth and final community card the “river” is dealt. With four rounds of betting before you get to see your opponents’ cards, Hold’em can be an expensive business if you make the wrong choice about whether to bet or fold after your initial hole cards have been dealt.

Clearly at that point you don’t know what community cards will appear and neither do you know what cards the other players have, so you have to make the judgement purely on the two cards in front of you. But luckily the value of your hole cards gives a strong indication as to your likelihood of winning. For instance, a pair of anything gives you a decent chance of success, though 10s or above and you’re very much in the box seat.

Of course, other factors will come into play, for instance the number of players on your table, your position in relation to the dealer and how loose the play is on the table. In general you have more information to player liberally if in a late position and should play slightly tighter in an early position. For instance, calling the big blind should be a given if you hold a pair of 4s in a late position, but if in an early position (depending on the looseness of the table) you might prefer to wait for 9s or above.

You should fold certain combinations of cards every time: any combination of unsuited cards that includes an 8 or below or any combination of suited cards including a jack or below with a two or a three. Generally speaking though, if you’ve got pairs, suited cards of 10, 6 or better or unsuited cards of ace, 10 or better, it’s time to get in on the action!

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New Jersey Legalizes Poker and Casino

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Seal of New JerseyOnline poker is now legal in New Jersey.  That’s right!  If you live in New Jersey you can now legally play poker online as they have joined Nevada and Delaware as the third state to legalize online gambling, or at least some form of online gambling.  The bill was passed in February of 2013 and the first casino was launched in November, 2013.

In simple terms, the bill that was passed in an overwhelming majority, allows casino operators of New Jersey casinos to launch online gambling sites that offer both online poker and casino games.  Sports betting was not part of the bill.  New Jersey will continue to try to get sports betting legalized at both their brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City and their online casinos.

So far the only other two states to offer online poker are Nevada and Delaware.  There continues to be talk about the states joining forces so the poker sites can work together.  This will eventually happen, but no one knows when that will be.  Most states are struggling for money and this is one way for states to create revenue.  The state of New Jersey stands to make a 15% tax from online casinos which could be substantial.  There is no doubt that 2014 will bring more states into the online casino industry.  It is just too good to pass up and once they see how much revenue is being created they will surely jump at the chance and legalize online gambling in their respective states.

The big catch is that you must live in New Jersey to play online poker in New Jersey. If you live outside the state you will not be able to create an account. This is monitored by the players IP address which tells the poker room and casino where the player is located. While there has been some complications with this approach, in all it has worked rather well.

Depositing and withdrawing to the online sites is done with fairly easy.  Most online casinos take major credit cards and debit cards while withdrawing is done by check or bank wire. Because these sites are fully licensed and regulated in the state making credit card deposits is much easier than using an offshore poker site or casino. Some banks however have made the decision to not allow gambling transactions. We think the banks have gone a little too far here “protecting” their customers from themselves, and if your credit card is issued by one of these banks you will not be able to deposit.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment is the active player behind the New Jersey online casinos.  They are the leader in the industry for now but we assume many casinos will follow suit.

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Lock Poker Kicked off the Revolution Network?

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The troubles continue for once glorified USA poker site Lock Poker. Lock Poker has made the claim they decided to move to their own network as a result of the payment issues associated with the Revolution Poker Network but just the opposite may be true.

For months players, and ourselves, have experienced very slow payments from Lock Poker. The slow payments actually had prompted USALegalPoker to de-list Lock Poker as an approved USA poker site. Lock stated they were moving to their own network in order to provide customers a faster cashier which would allow them to make payments quicker. We have now learned that in fact, Lock Poker may have been “kicked off” the Revolution Network because of their financial uncertainty.

Players who login to the old Lock Poker software will be redirected to the poker site Pure Poker while if you go to the Lock Poker homepage you will be promoted to download new software which deletes the revolution software and installs new software that runs on their proprietary network. We do not have a  lot of information regarding Pure Poker and do not recommend players to sign up. Instead see our listing of recommended USA poker sites that are still in good standing here at USALegalPoker and the online poker community as a whole.

We are sure more information will come to light regarding this situation and as the dust settles we are are certain the truth will come out. In the mean time use any of our recommended poker sites that still allow USA players. We highly recommend Americas Card Room and PokerHost as both have been in business for over 10 years and offer a great poker experience. Claim a nice sign up bonus at either site and get your USA deposits approved and withdraws sent quickly. Both sites have a good history of on time payments and PokerHost has some of the fastest withdraws in the industry.

PokerStars Pushing New Jersey bid with potential $10 million live poker room

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We spoke last week about the potential passing of New Jersey to be granted a license to legally offer online poker to their residents. This week it has come to our attention that PokerStars are doing all they can to sweeten the deal with their proposed move to build a $10 million poker room in Atlantic City.

The deal for New Jersey to be granted their license is looking increasingly likely and rumours around the industry suggest that a positive decision will be made as early as the end of November. This news has prompted PokerStars – the world’s largest online poker room – to spring into action and be one of the first to open their doors to the public and provide USA legal poker.

The company have been trying to invest in a number of properties over the years to create their first ‘brick and mortar’ casino, but have been unsuccessful in their plight. Originally it was thought that they would be pairing up with some of the bigger players in Nevada, but the crash of the industry seemed to have halted any potential plans.

Since then they have tried many avenues with one being that of setting up on their own, however states have been reluctant to allow this. This has meant that it will be more than likely they team up with an existing resort, rumoured to be Resorts Casino Hotel.

This will likely be excellent news not only for the likes of Atlantic City, but also for the poker industry as a whole. It’s been widely recognised that PokerStars have been the leading light within online poker for over a decade now and pretty much everything that they seem to touch results in a positive outcome.

There’s little doubt that the Resorts Casino Hotel will be desperate to get this partnership agreed and finalised as they look to bring in some much needed income into the state, and more importantly, Atlantic City. Equally though, PokerStars will be just as desperate to get this agreement sealed as their what seems like never ending plight of finding a land based poker room, might just be coming to an end.

The bigger picture is probably outside this story though and much more in line with if New Jersey gets granted a license. A successful outcome of their application could potentially be massive with states queuing up to get in on a piece of the action. This decision has the potential to be the forthcoming of a new start for the poker industry, both online and off line.

In the meantime you can use any of our USA poker sites online and stay primed for when you can log in and play online at a state regulated online poker room.

Latest in Legal Poker News

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New Jersey has emerged as the latest state to take the next step in legalising the use of online gambling within its parameters. “At least one” of its licenses are set to be deputised by December which looks likely to leave the door open for other licensed establishments to jump aboard and start promoting online.

The state has seen a massive decline in people into Atlantic City but this move is hoped that these numbers will flourish once again. The casinos have all been heavily linked with mergers of existing poker rooms in an effort to speed up the process which, by 2014 at least, should start reaping the benefits and again thrive within the gambling industry.

This success of New Jersey’s case to legalise online gambling within the state will likely be watched very closely by a number of states looking at taking the same direction. Maryland is one state that’s already declared an interest in the legalisation process and they are reported as to be monitoring the situation.

Similarly to New Jersey, Maryland have a vested interest in gambling with the likes of MGM and Penn National Gaming both fighting it out to get licensing for a new casino in the state. But governors are weary of diving in too fast and it appears that, from an interview with Maryland’s Gaming Chief, Stephen Martino they will be learning from the route that other states have taken before anything is finalised.

A way in which states such as New Jersey and Maryland will be looking for licensing could come about in the form of a partnership with the already accepted, Nevada. The Silver State has been regulated for online gambling and poker since 2011 and was granted permission to form partnerships with other states. Obviously this will have an effect on the revenue Nevada currently generates from online gambling, but the increased player pool with another state, whoever that might be, will obviously increase.

Unfortunately for Nevada, the player numbers for online poker haven’t been as large as they would have hoped whilst now running into their third year of licensing. But that being said, there have been just one firm – Station Casinos – who have launched an online poker room, with more rumoured to be setting up in the very near future.

The next few months could well be crucial for the future of USA legal poker in the US, not just for New Jersey, but for the nation. Many, such as Maryland, will be watching to see how this submission goes before launching one of their own. A negative result for New Jersey might discourage a lot of states but on the flip side, a positive outcome could open the floodgates for online poker to get back to powerhouse it once was.

BetOnline Poker Raises Bonus

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BetOnline Poker ReviewThe BetOnline Poker room has always been one of our top USA legal poker sites to play at. The one thing BetOnline always seemed to fall short on was bonuses. No longer is that the case as BetOnline has raised their poker sign up bonus to a generous 200% match up to $2000 on your first deposit.

To claim your bonus simply log into BetOnline and make a deposit of at least $50. After doing so email and the bonus will be added to your account. Then simply play real money online poker and you will earn your bonus.

The BetOnline bonus is structured a little different than most. You earn your bonus in different stages as you earn “POP” points. Receive 10% of your bonus after earning 25% of your deposit amount in POP points. So for example if you deposited $100 you would need to earn 25 POP points and 10% of your bonus is released into your real money account. The first 10% of the bonus is extremely easy to earn and you will earn the bonus quickly.

The second stage of your bonus is released after earning an additional 50% of your bonus amount in POP points. After doing so you will earn 20% of your bonus which again is pretty easy to earn.

Stage 3 and 4 then require a little more play to release your bonus. In stage 3 you will earn 50% of the 200% bonus after earning 100% of your deposit amount in POP points. Stage 4 will also release 50% of the bonus after earning 155% of your deposit amount. So again if you deposited $100 you would need to earn 155 POP points to release this portion of your bonus.

The 5th and final stage of earning your bonus will be released after earning 250% of your deposit amount in POP points. While it does sound confusing (which it is) you can always check your status of earning your bonus in the player admin. The reason (we assume) BetOnline structured the bonus in this manner is give everyone the 10% bonus which is so easy to earn. Then if you are a loyal player you are rewarded after playing and earning the larger chunks of the bonus.

The BetOnline Poker room runs on its own network but has good site traffic. The site is also relatively loose as BetOnline was first an online sportsbook and recruited many of their poker players over from the sportsbook. As a result you end up with gamblers more so than poker players. Expect to receive a bad beat here and there but if you keep your cool you can take down some nice pots by playing solid poker. You will also notice a lot of bluffing goes on here. Being gamblers these guys will try to steal the pot if they miss their straight or flush

See our BetOnline Poker review for more details and to sign up. If you also want to use the sportsbook you can from the same account as poker and also play in their casino. The BetOnline Casino is also one of just a few online casinos that offer Live Dealers. You can watch the dealer and your cards being dealt in real time over a live streaming feed.