BetOnline Poker Upgrading Software

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BetOnline Poker is upgrading their software so the poker room will be unavailable for a few days. There is no need for panic as they plan to have the poker room up and running shortly and it will be better than ever.

If you have money in your BetOnline Poker account it will be transferred to the sportsbook within 72 hours. At that point you can request a withdraw or wait for the poker room to come back online which shouldn’t be much after that. If you need another online poker room to play at in the meantime, visit our homepage to see the best sites for playing USA legal poker.

Antigua Considers New Case Against USA

April 15, 2012 Category :Legal 1

The island nation of Antigua is considering bring a new case against the USA in front of the World Trade Organization. This could be a major stepping stone to the USA either regulating online poker and gambling or the reversal of the UIGEA.

For those who not aware, back in 2005 Antigua raised suit to the WTO against the USA claiming foul that the USA was prohibiting Antigua access to the US market and was in violation of treaty obligations. You see gambling was/is a major employer and revenue generator for Antigua.

The WTO ruled in favor of Antigua and Antigua made a 3.4 billion dollar claim against the USA. Instead of paying and allowing Antigua access the US market, then president George W Bush authorized other “concessions” in different sectors. The concessions were never made public in the interest of National Security.

Now 7 years later, Antigua is once again considering a plea to the WTO to force the USA to allow USA residents to place wagers through companies located in Antigua. While it is unclear if the previous “concessions” have expired, this is one step closer to bringing online gaming access back to Antigua for US residents.

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Welcome to USA Legal Poker

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Thanks for stopping by USA Legal Poker. It is our mission to keep up to date news as it relates to land based and online poker in the USA. Hopefully regulation is right around the corner for the USA. Make sure you bookmark us and check back often for the latest developments.

If you want to play online poker today we do offer poker reviews for the best USA poker sites. All the online poker sites we review accept USA players and  do a great job getting USA deposits approved. Deposit with you USA Visa, MasterCard or American Express or you can always send cash by Western Union or Money Gram.

Check back as regulated USA online poker is right around the corner. As soon as a single site is live will be listing it here will a full review. After the first site breaks through you can expect many more to follow. We cannot wait for ful legislation so there are no more worries about making deposits and withdraws or getting funds seized.

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