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ACR Players Wowed with $1,000,001 Tourneys

February 18, 2018 Category :Tournaments Off

Americas Card RoomIf you’ve ever participated in Americas Cardroom’s flagship online tournament series, the OSS Cub3d, you’ll be stoked to learn that its latest version is bigger and better than ever before!

Starting February 25th and running four weeks through March 25th, the OSS Cub3d features more than $15 million in guarantees. It’s spread across three consecutive tournament series with increasing buy-ins and prize pools, making it the premiere event for online poker players.

The OSS Cub3d begins with the Mini Online Super Series which is designed for small stakes players. Next is the flagship Online Super Series which caters to a wide range of players. The finale is the high roller Bigger Online Super Series. See the highlights below.

There are also three individual leaderboards, one for each series, which each award the top 10 finishers with four $265 tickets to $1,000,001 GTD Million Dollar Sunday tournaments. That means the equity of grinding out a complete series has never been higher!

And to those players who have already been enjoying the Million Dollar Sundays over the past few weeks (including the value-driven overlays), rest assured that the largest weekly tourney in online poker will continue to run during the OSS Cub3d.

To compete for your share of more than $15 million, head over to americascardroom.eu and buy in to the tournament of your choice directly or enter one of the many satellites running around the clock.

Below is the different tournaments available in the OSS Cub3d Event

Mini Online Super Series (MOSS)

Date: February 25th to March 4th

Main Event: March 4th – $88 buy-in $500,000 GTD.

Online Super Series (OSS)

Date: March 5th to March 18th

Main Event: March 18th – $540 buy-in $500,000 GTD

Bigger Online Super Series (BOSS)

Date: March 19th to March 25th

Main Event: March 25th – $2,100 buy-in $1,000,000 GTD Tournament.

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Adrian Mateos Wins Three WSOP Bracelets

June 29, 2017 Category :General Off

A 22-year-old Adrian Mateos managed to win the 2017 WSOP $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em Championship at the Rio in Las Vegas, thus becoming the youngest player in history who succeeded in winning three bracelets. The young Spaniard had 129 opponents on his path to glory and, after a total of 128 matches, he emerged victorious, pocketing a total of $324,470.

This is his second title in as many years, and third in total. At the age of 19, he won his first bracelet in 2013, at the WSOP Europe €10,450 Main Event, while last year he topped the field of the $1,500 Summer Solstice No-Limit Hold’em, pocketing a whopping $409,171. With his third title, Adrian once again proved that he is one of the best representatives of the young generation among poker professionals.

In the 2017 WSOP Head-Up Championship, which lasted for three days, Mateos had defeated plenty of renowned poker stars in order to climb to the top. Daniel Negreanu was first to go, and after that the Spaniard eliminated Ian O’Hara, Eric Wasserson, Taylor Paur, Ryan Hughes and Charlie Carrel before he scheduled the battle with the US Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient, John Smith.

The final was the meeting point of two poker pros with a completely different background. The US Army veteran, John Smith, a 70-year-old highway contractor from California finished second-best last year, and was looking to go one step further on this championship. Smith entered his first WSOP competition back in 1991, three years before Mateos was even born. Smith was the biggest favorite in this championship, and the entire mass in the Brasilia Room expected that the 70-year-old will be more successful this year. But, Adrian Mateos had different plans.

Mateos took the lead in the very beginning, but soon enough Smith managed to pull back and that’s when everybody in the Brasilia Room realized that they will have to wait for a while before discovering who will become the champion. The entire match lasted for about two and a half hours, while the chip lead switched hands for a couple of times. The hand #73 was the decisive one, when Smith put all his remaining chips on the middle of the table with Qh and 8d in his hands, while Mateos had 5s and 2s. When the dealer showed Qs, it was the time for Mateos to start celebrating his win and the fact that he became the youngest player with three bracelets in the history of WSOP.

Adrian Mateos is living his dream. After only being eligible to gamble in USA for two years and already with 3 bracelets to his name, sky is the limit for this young Spaniard. Even though lots of other young players who had plenty of success in the game started talking about retiring and playing recreationally, Mateos is still so much in love with poker that he will keep playing professionally until the love disappears from his heart.

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Different Types of Poker Online

May 5, 2014 Category :General Off

Poker is one of the world’s most popular card games and certainly one of the biggest that is played online and also the one that is most commonly gambled on. However, “poker” is not one single game but a collection of many, many games with a common theme and here we take a look at some of the most popular poker variants that are available at the top online poker sites (US friendly of course!) that we work with.

Texas Hold’em is by far and away the most commonly played form of online poker but here four other games that you’ll often find at poker sites, as well as the most popular option too.

Texas Hold’em

The Daddy of them all, Hold’em is the game that you see in all the movies and TV shows and the one you probably play with your buddies, or at least hear them talking about. Like Omaha below, it’s a community card variant of poker in which every player receives two personal (hole) cards and then shares five community cards with the other players. Every single poker site in the world will have Texas Hold’em!

Omaha Hold’em

Omaha is known to fewer players but has its hardcore fans who won’t play anything else and Omaha is also available at virtually all online poker sites. In this game you get four hole cards and five community ones and must form your best hands using two of your own and three of the shared cards.

Five Card Draw

Draw poker is a simpler version of the game and five card draw, sometimes known as Cantrell draw, is the most popular variant, although still reasonably rare online or in land casinos. Each player receives five cards, facedown and can swap any (often no more than three or four) for alternative cards to try and form a better hand.

Five Card Stud

In Five Card Stud poker players get five cards with one face down and the rest face up, betting taking place as each card is dealt. This is an old-fashioned form of the game and hasn’t been played in the World Series of Poker since the 1970s.

Seven Card Stud

The same as the above but with two cards face down and five face up, Seven Card Stud is more popular than Five Card and is offered by many casinos, both off and online.

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Texas Holdem Hole Card Strategy

March 2, 2014 Category :General Off

For fans of online poker, Texas Hold’em is the game that is not only the most popular but the one in which it is easy to learn. That is not to say winning is easy, of course, as much will depend on the skill of the players you face in any given game. Read on for information that could at least help you make the right choices before the flop.

In Texas Hold’em poker, two cards are dealt to each player face down (known as the “hole cards”), and bets are placed or cards are folded before the first of the three community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table, known as the “flop”. Another round of betting ensues before the fourth community card (the “turn) is dealt; then another round of betting before the fifth and final community card the “river” is dealt. With four rounds of betting before you get to see your opponents’ cards, Hold’em can be an expensive business if you make the wrong choice about whether to bet or fold after your initial hole cards have been dealt.

Clearly at that point you don’t know what community cards will appear and neither do you know what cards the other players have, so you have to make the judgement purely on the two cards in front of you. But luckily the value of your hole cards gives a strong indication as to your likelihood of winning. For instance, a pair of anything gives you a decent chance of success, though 10s or above and you’re very much in the box seat.

Of course, other factors will come into play, for instance the number of players on your table, your position in relation to the dealer and how loose the play is on the table. In general you have more information to player liberally if in a late position and should play slightly tighter in an early position. For instance, calling the big blind should be a given if you hold a pair of 4s in a late position, but if in an early position (depending on the looseness of the table) you might prefer to wait for 9s or above.

You should fold certain combinations of cards every time: any combination of unsuited cards that includes an 8 or below or any combination of suited cards including a jack or below with a two or a three. Generally speaking though, if you’ve got pairs, suited cards of 10, 6 or better or unsuited cards of ace, 10 or better, it’s time to get in on the action!

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