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Interesting Facts about Poker for Mac

November 27, 2012 Category :General Off

Online poker was developed in late 1990s. Early versions of this amazing game wouldn’t work onMac (Macintosh computers). All of them were only for Windows operation systems. As a matter of fact, Apple wasn’t a success company during early days of online poker games. But in 2003, when Chris Moneymaker converted $39 into$2.5 millions thankfully to online poker, this game has become very popular among gamblers.
At that time Apple created a lot of devices like MacBook, iMac, MacBookPro and others. A lot of people started to use these devices, and some of them were fans of online poker.
Today you can find a great variety of casino games on Mac. Some of them are no download ones, the other ones you can install into your computer device.

Instant online poker for Mac

poker for mac devicesSome players don’t like installing anything into their computers. Additional soft will take a lot of place on your hard disk. So today you can find a lot of marvelous no download Mac casinos at www.pokermac.org/mac-casinos. They will offer you to play poker right from your browser. In most cases the game is available with Java or Flash technologies. Mostly online casinos use Macromedia Flash one, because it can guarantee online poker games rich graphics without any lags. Java technology is not so popular, but it can offer Mac users some of the best online casino games with their benefits.
You’ll have to spend some time to find a good Mac online casino with poker rooms. First of all, the main page of the online casino should be marked that it could work on Mac. All others casinos work with Windows only.

Online poker: entertainment or moneymaking?

A lot of gamblers ask themselves:” Can I earn money playing online poker?” To be honest, yes, you can. But it requires a lot of patience. Find a reliable Mac casino with online poker rooms. Compare poker variations and look for useful strategies. Test them and analyze results. You can also contact more experienced poker players for pieces of advices. But don’t buy any kind of online poker systems. Almost all of them are available for free. If you want to buy something, it would be better to purchase some printed books about online poker.
Many Mac owners join online casinos to play poker for fun. A lot of websites offer this wonderful card game absolutely for free. Choose your Mac casino for poker carefully. Check website’s graphics quality and also pay attention to custom support services. If you find a good Mac casino your poker experience will be excited and unforgettable.

Most Common Mistakes made at the Poker Table

October 6, 2012 Category :General Off

Even the best players make mistakes. And most of these mistakes are made against your better judgment. These are mistakes made when your gut is telling you to fold and get out of the game, but you somehow end up convincing yourself that you should do otherwise. Sometimes thinking the wrong thing can damage your game more than you’d expect.

Thinking Your Opponent is Bluffing

Sometimes, when you have a relatively weak hand, you may give yourself reasons to not fold. It’s an instinct that’s hard to fight – most players don’t like giving up. So you convince yourself that your opponent may be bluffing and that going into the final play might be profitable to you.

This isn’t a problem in limit poker, when the bets are minimal compared to the pot but in no-limit poker, this kind of thinking can be especially dangerous – usually the bet is often as large as the pot. Calling into a strong bet with a mediocre hand can be a mistake and can usually be avoided by knowing when to fold.

Not Allowing Yourself to fold

At times, the game appears to be going in your favor when suddenly it turns, and you realize that you can easily be beaten by stronger hands. But somehow, you don’t want to back down. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to lose face, maybe you feel you still have a chance; either way when your bet is called and raised it’s a sign that your best bet is to fold.

Staying Longer than You can Afford To

This is one of the most crippling thoughts in the game. If you’re losing and consider staying till you can get back what you lost, then it’s very likely that it’s time for you to leave.

The truth is that the fact that you’re losing is probably because you’re just not playing well enough, or that you’re tired or that you’ve been playing too long. All this contributes to bad game play and therefore, losses and if that’s the case, trying to stay till you get back to even can be a dangerous mistake. You will probably end up being stuck longer and longer and the longer you stay the more your bankroll is at risk. Always go down a limit if your bankroll can´t effort it. You should always stick at proper limits for your bankroll.

Thinking You Have to Bet

Aggressive players are certainly found among many poker pros. In no-limit play, aggression is certainly the right kind of play. But when betting, aggression needs to be contained such that when you bet, it is because you want to and not because you feel like you have to.
This is particularly true of players who have a reputation of being aggressive; they end up betting to show strength even though the right move would probably be checking and folding to a bet.

Digging Yourself Deeper
In that particular moment, a bit of money lost or won because you already seem to be behind may not seem to be a big deal. But the truth is, if you’ve started thinking that way, then it’s time to walk away from the table. Where you are in terms of winnings, high or low, should not affect how you bet. Instead, the strength of your hand should be the deciding factor.
When you throw in you ‘small’ bets, they may not seem to amount to much at that time, but over the course of the game, they can add up to a lot.

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Choosing a Poker Site

August 1, 2012 Category :General Off

There are several things to consider when you are considering which poker site to play at. Are you looking for a bonus, easy competition, a particular software feature or any combination of the above.

When looking at poker bonuses there are two things to consider. One being how large the bonus is and the second how easy the bonus is to clear. Unfortunately even if an online poker site offers a huge bonus, if it is very difficult to earn and expires before you are able to complete the requirements, then the bonus really did nothing for you.

Particular software features are also a big consideration. If you playing with a Mac computer then your poker site choices really shrink as not every poker site offers a Mac compatible version of their software. If you play cash ring games maybe you want to play a bad beat jackpot or you can consider how large the sites multi table tournaments are.

These are things to consider. There are plenty of poker sites online so your choices are abundant. Look for an online poker site that fits your style of play and offers the features you are looking for.

We Need to Follow The UK

July 18, 2012 Category :General Off

While online poker has not been fully legalized in the US, the UK has done what we here in the USA need to, fully regulate and license online poker. By fully regulating online poker UK residents can sleep a little easier at night knowing their money is completely safe.

What’s even better is that online poker sites in the UK offer some great promotions and bonuses. Whether it be a bonus, a freeroll or swag, its yours to claim why not do so. It is silly to play online poker without earning some type of bonus. The bonus helps to offset rake and tournament fee’s you pay to the site for every game you play. By earning bonuses you basically get some type of free online poker. Bonuses make a huge difference over the course of a month. Properly used poker bonuses can add a few hundred dollars to your bankroll monthly.

So take advantage of all the free offers poker sites offer. You are entitled to them so don’t pass them up.