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New York State Poker Bill

July 2, 2017 Category :Legislation Off

Senator John Bonacic is preparing for round two with the Assembly, regarding his online poker bill. In the first round, held almost a year ago, Bonacic suffered a defeat, since his bill hasn’t even been brought to vote. A couple of days ago, New York’s state Senate have voted in favour of allowing online poker within state borders, but this doesn’t have to mean anything, if we take under consideration the events from the last year.

Senator John Bonacic’s S-3898 online poker bill, which would allow a maximum 11 licensees to partner with online technology vendors to offer regulated poker games to individuals over 21 years of age within state borders, got through the state Senate, with a 54-8 in favour. The results of the vote are similar to those from 2016, when the Senate voted 53-5 in favour of the bill, but that did not have any influence on the Assembly, because the proposal has never been brought up for vote. If passed it would allow 11 New York online poker sites

Bonacic’s biggest foe in previous attempts was Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, and it is expected he will be the toughest nut to crack this year as well, since he has been offering mixed messages regarding the fate of the online poker bill. Pretlow’s main concern is that the proposed bill will not have that big a support in the Assembly, but, on the other hand, there has been a significant shift in opinion in previous months. The sources for the Assembly say that it can even happen that the bill could wait until 2018 before it is presented before the Assembly.

Bonacic is certain that Pretlow is more than prepared to support the proposal. His opinion is that the timing is perfect, since the resistance in the Assembly is not as strong as it was last year. The Chairman of the Assembly Racing, Wagering and Gaming Committee is now more open for talks and that this time he will get more Assembly members on board.

The clock is ticking, since there are only a few working days left before the current legislative session comes to an end. If the bill passes, it will definitely double the number of players in the online USA legal poker market. We are entering a nail-biting finish, at least when talking about the supporters of the proposal. Whether the S-3898 online poker bill will become a reality or not, we will know in the next few days. Let’s hope for the best, and in that case both houses will pass the bill to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, who needs to approve it before it becomes law. Cuomo was involved in an incident during his 2014 election campaign, when the former Amaya CEO David Baazov made an illegal $25k donation, and because of that some think that he will not approve the bill that easily. Optimists believe that it will only be a formality.

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New York and California Closer

March 5, 2017 Category :Legal Off

Several states in the US have been pushing to legalize online poker for years back. Currently it seems that New York and California are the closest to achieve this feat. New York Senate Gaming Committee voted unanimously in favor of online poker bill proposed by Senator John Bonacic, while one of the key men in the Assembly, Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow has recently stated that there are strong chances of New York legalizing online poker n 2017. Meanwhile in California another Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer and Assemblyman Adam Gray are pushing this year’s online poker bill.

Pretlow Making Way for the New Law in New York

The first attempts to legalize online poker in the State of New York date back to 2013 when the first proposals were made in the Senate. However, these attempts had no results as at that time Assembly had another gambling issue on their agenda – legalizing non-tribal casinos. At that time Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow was working on the expansion of land-based casinos.

The following year Senator John Bonacic, Chair of the Senate Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee appears with a draft bill and pushes the initiative further, but again with no significant results. In the years to come Bonacic continued pushing further until 2016 when his bill passed the Senate Committee but the person who denied it the support in the Assembly was precisely Pretlow. The main reason for that was, as Pretlow explained is that he had doubts concerning arguments that online poker would be considered a game of skill and legalized as such.

The main aim of Bonacic’s bill S 3893 and consequently introduced bill A 5250 sponsored by Pretlow himself, is to legalize online poker as a game of skill in which case the process does not conflict the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. After a careful analysis of the procedures and operations of New Jersey and other states that allow online poker, Pretlow stands behind one of the bills and believes that by the end of 2017 New York could become the fourth state where online poker is legal.

California Plans to Boost Horse Racing Industry with the Revenue from Online Poker

California is continuing ten-year long battle to legalize online poker and last year Assemblyman Adam Grey came close as his bill passed the Appropriations Committee but failed at the Assembly. This month Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer joined Gray in the battle and they proposed a new bill under which the racetracks will not be eligible to compete for a license but they will receive an annual subsidy worth $60 million. Card rooms and tribal casinos will be entitled to apply for a license. Under the new law persons under 21 and outside state borders will not be allowed to play.

As both California and New York continue to make progress on legalizing online poker, check back here in our poker news section for updates regarding USA legal poker. Until the states figure out what they are doing and get the appropriate bills passed use any of the USA poker sites we list and recommend here on our website. All are highly reputable and offer a great online experience.

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New Jersey Legalizes Poker and Casino

January 24, 2014 Category :Legislation Off

Seal of New JerseyOnline poker is now legal in New Jersey.  That’s right!  If you live in New Jersey you can now legally play poker online as they have joined Nevada and Delaware as the third state to legalize online gambling, or at least some form of online gambling.  The bill was passed in February of 2013 and the first casino was launched in November, 2013.

In simple terms, the bill that was passed in an overwhelming majority, allows casino operators of New Jersey casinos to launch online gambling sites that offer both online poker and casino games.  Sports betting was not part of the bill.  New Jersey will continue to try to get sports betting legalized at both their brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City and their online casinos.

So far the only other two states to offer online poker are Nevada and Delaware.  There continues to be talk about the states joining forces so the poker sites can work together.  This will eventually happen, but no one knows when that will be.  Most states are struggling for money and this is one way for states to create revenue.  The state of New Jersey stands to make a 15% tax from online casinos which could be substantial.  There is no doubt that 2014 will bring more states into the online casino industry.  It is just too good to pass up and once they see how much revenue is being created they will surely jump at the chance and legalize online gambling in their respective states.

The big catch is that you must live in New Jersey to play online poker in New Jersey. If you live outside the state you will not be able to create an account. This is monitored by the players IP address which tells the poker room and casino where the player is located. While there has been some complications with this approach, in all it has worked rather well.

Depositing and withdrawing to the online sites is done with fairly easy.  Most online casinos take major credit cards and debit cards while withdrawing is done by check or bank wire. Because these sites are fully licensed and regulated in the state making credit card deposits is much easier than using an offshore poker site or casino. Some banks however have made the decision to not allow gambling transactions. We think the banks have gone a little too far here “protecting” their customers from themselves, and if your credit card is issued by one of these banks you will not be able to deposit.

Caesars Interactive Entertainment is the active player behind the New Jersey online casinos.  They are the leader in the industry for now but we assume many casinos will follow suit.

Check out our selection of USA legal poker sites and specifically New Jersey poker sites.  Join in the fun and excitement of online poker and casino games by using our links you will claim the biggest and best bonuses.

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Latest in Legal Poker News

September 26, 2013 Category :Legal Off

New Jersey has emerged as the latest state to take the next step in legalising the use of online gambling within its parameters. “At least one” of its licenses are set to be deputised by December which looks likely to leave the door open for other licensed establishments to jump aboard and start promoting online.

The state has seen a massive decline in people into Atlantic City but this move is hoped that these numbers will flourish once again. The casinos have all been heavily linked with mergers of existing poker rooms in an effort to speed up the process which, by 2014 at least, should start reaping the benefits and again thrive within the gambling industry.

This success of New Jersey’s case to legalise online gambling within the state will likely be watched very closely by a number of states looking at taking the same direction. Maryland is one state that’s already declared an interest in the legalisation process and they are reported as to be monitoring the situation.

Similarly to New Jersey, Maryland have a vested interest in gambling with the likes of MGM and Penn National Gaming both fighting it out to get licensing for a new casino in the state. But governors are weary of diving in too fast and it appears that, from an interview with Maryland’s Gaming Chief, Stephen Martino they will be learning from the route that other states have taken before anything is finalised.

A way in which states such as New Jersey and Maryland will be looking for licensing could come about in the form of a partnership with the already accepted, Nevada. The Silver State has been regulated for online gambling and poker since 2011 and was granted permission to form partnerships with other states. Obviously this will have an effect on the revenue Nevada currently generates from online gambling, but the increased player pool with another state, whoever that might be, will obviously increase.

Unfortunately for Nevada, the player numbers for online poker haven’t been as large as they would have hoped whilst now running into their third year of licensing. But that being said, there have been just one firm – Station Casinos – who have launched an online poker room, with more rumoured to be setting up in the very near future.

The next few months could well be crucial for the future of USA legal poker in the US, not just for New Jersey, but for the nation. Many, such as Maryland, will be watching to see how this submission goes before launching one of their own. A negative result for New Jersey might discourage a lot of states but on the flip side, a positive outcome could open the floodgates for online poker to get back to powerhouse it once was.

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USA Legal Poker Nationwide – Fact or Pipedream

June 14, 2013 Category :Legal Off

Recent legalization in Nevada and efforts in New Jersey and Delaware have initiated talk as to when USA legal poker will be regulated. In our challenging times alternatives for revenue at the state level seem to breed the same thinking with our representatives in Washington. Additionally, as corporations continue to search for revenue generation you have to think that sooner or later the same thing will need to be done at the national level though never seen before. There seems to be too much money in play for Congress to walk away from online poker but considering they are having such a difficult time deciding what needs to be cut from the current expenditures how do we think that it will ever come up for any type of discussion? Consider the fact that they cannot decide what to do with the current budget so how can we think that they can pass a bill allowing USA Legal Poker – DOUBTFUL – on catching up with corporations as well as understanding new sources of revenue.

A recent Reuters article (http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/31/net-us-gambling-congress-idUSBRE94U19020130531) tried to explain the potential for the windfall from such a legislative effort but do you really think that  they could all come together to make such a decision – again, doubt it. Revenue that is expected from such a program as the legalization of online poker is not enough for them to consider let alone justify the expense of any lobbyists supporting the coffers of their reelection programs (when Nevada went live with their online poker program they depended on “word of mouth” with no advertising let alone congressional lobbying).

Believe us when we tell you, your best site for fun with online poker is with us here at USA Legal Poker. Stick with us at USA Legal Poker for the most professional sites available to you as well as insight into current developments.


Play Legal Poker in Nevada

May 28, 2013 Category :Legal Off

The state of Nevada (always a gambling pioneer) is the first state to officially pass and regulate online poker within the states borders. We applaud Nevada on their bold and well overdue decision and actions to move USA legal poker forward in the right direction. With Nevada leading the way more states will shortly join and offer fully regulated online poker.

Ultimate Poker is open for business in Nevada and you can play online at this 100% legal and fully regulated poker site. The success and initial response has been great at Ultimate Bet as they surpassed 1 million hands being dealt in just two weeks. You have to be a resident of Nevada to play at Ultimate Bet, but other states are in the process of opening online poker sites as well.

Delaware and New Jersey are the closest to opening online poker sites in their respective states and others have legislation already drawn up and on its way through the state house and senate to be voted on. By the end of 2013 we expect that at least 2 other states will have options for their residents to play poker online.

A major advantage to playing at a state regulated poker site is the ease of making deposits. Making deposits is the major struggle of playing online poker offshore. Many offshore poker sites struggle with getting USA credit cards approved and withdraws can be pricey.

If you live outside of Nevada check back here in our news section regularly as we will always list the states that open new legal online sites. You can also play at any of the USA legal poker sites that are licensed offshore. Some states may be slow to pass legislation but you can continue to play at the best online poker sites that continue to accept USA players.

Good luck at the tables and may the cards treat you well. Remember to check back often for newly added poker sites operating within state borders.

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Pennsylvania Joining the Online Poker Boom?

February 9, 2013 Category :Legal Off

Pennsylvania may be the next state to introducing legal online poker at the state level. Gaming in Pennsylvania has become a major attraction and revenue generator for the state and is actually the second most lucrative market when it comes to gaming. So why not add online poker to the menu?

Representative Tina Davis has announced she will introduce a bill to allow online poker in the state as well some online casino games. The current gaming regulators would oversee the online portion of the business of the tax revenue generated would go to state lottery fund and property tax relief fund.

It will not be cheap to start an online poker site or casino in Pennsylvania with proposed licenses costing a whooping $16.7 million. Even with the high price tag undoubtedly the licenses will go quickly especially with gaming giant Penn National Gaing being located in the state.

Pennsylvania, once one of the slower states to allow such “taboo” as gambling has embraced it heavily in recent years once they realized how much of revenue generator gaming provided. Rather than watching their residents go across borders to New Jersey and West Virginia spending billions, they now have several land based casinos within their borders as well as off track wagering for horse racing.

This is another state we hope will continue to push USA legal poker to full regulation and hopefully within this year online poker players can once again log in to the enjoy one of their favorite pastimes. Legislation is moving slowly in a few states but it is just a matter of time before it comes to fruition.


Play at the Best USA Legal Poker Sites

January 30, 2013 Category :General Off

If you live in he United States and like to play online poker, there is no truly legal USA poker site. The poker sites we recommend are not illegal, however they ate not licensed in the United States. All the online poker sites we recommend allow USA players and are completely legal according to the countries where they hold their license.

Many USA residents think that there are no legal poker sites for them but that is not true. Many USA legal poker sites hold a license outside the United States and the US laws have no bearing on them. The UIGEA tried to make poker illegal from the  United States but the lawmakers knew it was impossible. They could not make other countries outside the United States abide by a law passed banning online poker. So their nest best thing was to prohibit US banks from processing deposits and withdraws. It almost worked bit with most things there is always a work around.

Many online poker sites found foreign processors to accept the deposits and provide withdraws masking that they were for poker purposes. Most banks have no idea what is going through their accounts and that is why some poker sites still get USA deposit approved with great success.

The UIGEA was just another way the United States government tried to babysit the residents of the country. I myself enjoy online poker and have no intentions of stopping to play. Just because our government (the USA) is so slow in reacting to innovative ideas and cannot work together to get laws approved and tax (the real reason they are pissed) why take it out on us poker players? Just a more of rant here than anything but the anyone lining in the United States that plays poker can feel my pain. Look shortly here for a website that will get some attention of our senate and house of representatives. They cannot ignore us forever and if enough poker players band together demanding a resolution of why we cannot enjoy our favorite pastime we must change who we vote for!

This is farther than poker, it is rights, Rights that we do not need babysit ted and let the government tell us what we can and cannot do do. All states have lottery tickets which have far less win percentages than playing poker and for that matter playing casino games?