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BetOnline Offers a Lucrative Boost in Bad Beat Jackpot

February 5, 2021 Category :Online Poker Off

BetOnline is many online gambler’s favorite sites on the Internet, as it offers all sorts of gambling activities, including online casinos, online sports betting, live casinos, esports, and, most importantly — online poker. The platform offers promotions for all types of online gambling, and we will focus on a particular promo that is only available for poker lovers — the Boost Bad Beat Jackpot.

To explain how this promo works, we need to focus on Boost Poker, which is a specific format of the game only available on BetOnline.

Boost Poker is basically a fast-paced format of the game that can be played both in cash games and tournaments. In them, every participant plays poker against an entire pool of players.

The rules are rather simple: as soon as you decide to fold your cards, you are moved to another table right away. The next table is selected randomly, and you will have a chance to play another hand against completely different opponents. If you like experimenting with USA legal poker games, you should definitely try Boost Poker. However, please take into account that the game is not for slow players, as it features non-stop action. You will play much more poker in much less time. It is like multi-tabling, yet you will always focus on a single table.

The Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad beat jackpots are triggered whenever someone has at least four-of-a-kind deuces or a higher hand and gets beaten by a stronger hand. These players are said to have experienced a bad beat and they are rewarded with a hefty jackpot to feel better. However, they are not the only ones to receive the prize.

In fact, the winner of the jackpot (the one who lost the hand) will receive a total of 40% of the prize. The hand winner will receive 20%, and the players who were at the same table at the moment the BBJ happened will get 15% (distributed among them). All players who were active on any of the boost bad beat tables will have 10% of the bonus distributed among them. The last 15% is used as the reseed value. The house does not take any fees.

The point is that you have to think twice about folding your card and leaving for the next table when playing Boost Poker, as there is always a chance that you can receive a bigger share of the bad beat jackpot.

Check out other great poker bonuses offered by popular online poker platforms.

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Get Beat and Get Paid

June 18, 2013 Category :USA Poker Off

Americas Card RoomNo-one likes to lose but you may rethink that when playing at Americas card Room. At the time of this post the Americas Card Bad Beat Jackpot is just under $200,000 making a bad beat sting a lot less.

Head over to Americas Card Room and play at any of their bad beat jackpot tables and if you take a beating holding quad 8’s or better you will receive just under $60,000! Not bad for losing the hand. The winner of the hand also gets a piece of the jackpot taking home 20% of the jackpot and just be seated at the table where the jackpot is hit you receive a share.

Americas Card Room offers bad beat jackpot tables starting at just $.05/$.10 and if you are playing at under the $2/$4 stakes level you will only receive 50% of the jackpot. This structure is only fair as higher stakes players should receive more than a micro stake table.

Americas Card Room accepts players from around the world including USA players. They offer a great 100% match sign up bonus up to $1000 on your first deposit and also regularly offers re-deposit bonuses.

If you do not have an account at Americas Card Room yet see our Americas Card Room review for more details on this great USA legal poker site. The poker room is fully licensed in the Antilles and does a great job getting USA credit card deposits approved. When it is time to withdraw your winnings you can do so by check or cash transfer and receive your cash fast. Checks arrive in 5-7 business days and cash transfer pick up details can be available in as little as 48 hours.

So head over to Americas Card Room and play at their bad beat jackpot tables and for once hope you receive a bad beat and take home 10’s of thousands of dollars.


Special Tournaments at ACR

June 6, 2013 Category :Tournaments Off

Americas Card RoomIf you are free this Sunday June 9th head over to Americas Card Room (ACR) for a guaranteed 10 Punta Cana Classic Packages as well as a $100,000 guarantee. Satellites are running now for both tournaments where you can buy in for as little as $1.

Win a complete Punta Cana Poker Classic Package Sunday June 9th at 6PM EST. Each package includes the following:

• $1,500+150 buy-in to the Main Event with $500,000 Guaranteed
• 6-night accommodations, single occupancy, at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino Punta Cana
• Round trip airfare up to $800
• Ground transportation to/from Punta Cana (PUJ) International Airport
• All-inclusive premium food and beverages
• A welcome gift bag
• 24-hour premium room service
• $1,500 Resort Credit to spend on spa, golf, and tours at the hotel
• 24/7 VIP Support Line

Buy in directly or win your way to the guaranteed 10 package tournament for small buy-ins. The Punta Cana Poker Classic is scheduled for November 11th through the 17th and as stated has a half million guaranteed prize pool. Get away from the cold this November by playing at Americas Card Room and winning your way to the Poker Classic.

Also on Sunday Americas Card Room is upping the stakes and guaranteeing a $100,000 prize pool. This tournament is scheduled for 7PM EST and has a buy in of just $200+15. You can also win your entry through many of the satellites currently running. Be sure to keep an eye on this tournament as there could be a nice overlay.

If you have not played at Americas Card Room yet they are our best USA legal poker site. They have great site traffic and one of a just a few USA poker sites that offer a bad beat jackpot (which is currently over $163,000). They also offer a progressive rake chase and a nice $1000 bonus. See our Americas Card Room review for more information and claim to claim your bonus. Then keep your Sunday open to play in these two great tournaments.

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Americas Card Room Named Best

May 25, 2013 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

Americas Card RoomWe have always had Americas Card Room in the top 3 as a great place to play USA legal poker and now will their improved deposit successes we have named them the best USA legal poker site. Sign up at Americas Card Room (ACR) and claim a great bonus and get your deposits approved.

Americas Card Room offers a 100% match first deposit bonus up to $1000 which is pretty easy to earn. You earn $1 of your Americas Card Room bonus for every 5.5 rank points earned. You earn rank points by playing real money ring games and tournaments. Earn 5.5 rank points for every $1 contributed to rakes or paid in tournaments fee’s. After earning 55 rank points $5 of your bonus is released into your real money player account.

Americas Card Room offers some great deposit options for USA residents. Deposit with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. They have great success getting credit acrds approved but if for some reason yours is declined you can send cash by Western Union or Money Gram. When you want to make a withdraw you can do so by requesting a check or cash. Checks arrive in about 7 business days and you can have your cash pickup details in as little as 72 hours.

Some great features at Americas Card Room include a bad beat jackpot and a progressive rake chase. Americas Card Room is one of the few USA legal poker sites that offera  bad beat jackpot. Get beat holding quad 8’s or better and receive 30% of the jackpot. The jackpot is regularly over $100,000 and has grown to be a half millions dollars.

You can also play in ther progressive rake chase. The rake chase is a monthly progressive poool that gets paid out at the end of the month to the most activ eplayers. The size of the pool is dertimined by how many players are playing and how much. It also is usually over $100,000. At the end of the month, based on how many players were playing in the month, 30-50 players share this jackpot.

So if you are looking for a great USA legal poker site, see our Americas Card Room review for more information and sign up as a new player. When you use our website to sign up receive a $1000 bonus which is easy to earn. Americas Card is our best USA poker site.

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More Options for Bad Beat Jackpots

October 25, 2012 Category :Online Poker Off

For the longest time if you wanted to play at a bad beat jackpot table you had to play at one of the poker sites that operated on the Merge Poker Network. Well finally there is another option for USA players. Some of the poker sites that operate on the Winning Poker Network now accept USA players.

One of the poker site we recently been playing at is Americas Card room. Americas Card Room accepts USA players and deposits and offers a bad beat jackpot. ACR also offers  a great sign up bonus of a 100% match bonus up to $1000 on your first deposit. Americas Card Room has great site traffic being part of the Winning Poker Network and the software is fast and clean. Check out the Americas Card Room review over at PlayUSAOnlinePoker and claim a great bonus.

You can then get in on the action at the bad beat tables and hope for a bad beat so you cash in thousands of dollars. For more information on the ACR bad beat jackpot and the Merge Bad Beat Jackpot see our bad beat jackpots page for terms and conditions as well is an explanation on how the jackpot is paid out. Play at bad beat table and for once hope to get beat holding a monster and win some serious cash.

At the bad beat jackpot on the Winning Network if you get beat with quad 8’s or better you receive 30% of the jackpot. This jackpot is always over $100,000 and at many times a few hundred thousand dollars. The actual winner of the hand also receives a piece of the jackpot and just be sitting at the table where the jackpot is hit and you win some extra cash.

If you play real money cash ring games why do play at a Bad Beat Jackpot table and have a chance at winning some serious bankroll?

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Take a Bad Beat and be Happy!

August 26, 2012 Category :General 1

If you are playing cash ring games, you are going to receive a bad beat from time to time. Well at the poker sites that operate on the Merge Poker Network a bad beat could be a very good thing. The bad beat jackpot on the Merge Network is now over $330,000 so if you take a bad beat it is definitely worth your while. You should actually hope for a bad beat for a change.

The bad beat jackpot on the Merge Network is the largest available to USA residents. Lose the hand holding quad 7′s or better and you receive 35% of the jackpot. At these levels that equals over $115,000 for losing, not bad. Win the hand and receive 17.5% of the jackpot and even just be sitting at the table where the jackpot is hit and share 17.5% with the remaining players at the table.

The USA poker sites that operate on the Merge Network include PokerHost, Carbon Poker and Aced Poker which all are Mac compatible so if you are using a Mac you can download the software. Our top recommended USA poker site is PokerHost. They participate in this bad beat jackpot and have many other great reasons to play there. PokerHost offers a nice 150% match bonus, has great site traffic and USA credit cards work great here. They also offer some of the best customer service we have ever experienced. If you ever have a problem or a question you can simply call them, an option not many poker sites offer.

We also highly recommend Aced Poker and Carbon Poker. Both sites accept Visa deposits and do a fairly good job getting them approved.

So take a shot at winning over $115,000 on a bad beat jackpot table. You will never be so happy to take a bad beat!

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Huge Bad Beat Jackpot

July 1, 2012 Category :Online Poker Off

If you like cash ring games check out the poker sites on the Merge Poker Network. They offer a bad beat jackpot that is now over $447,000! Take a beating holding quad 7’s or better and receive 35% of the jackpot, not bad for getting beat.

The bad beat victim gets 35% of the jackpot, the winner of the hand receives 17.5% and every player at the table who was dealt in the hand splits 17.5% of the jackpot. Look for the specially marked tables that participate in the jackpot.

The USA legal poker sites that operate on the Merge Network include PokerHost, Aced Poker, Carbon Poker and PDC Poker. Check them out on our listing of the Best USA Poker Sites and claim a great sign up bonus.


Bad Beat Jackpot Growing

May 26, 2012 Category :Online Poker Off

The bad beat jackpot on the Merge Poker Network is now over $220,000. Take a beating holding quad 7’s or better and receive 35% of the jackpot. This is one time you do hope for that beat.

Several poker sites operate on the Merge Poker Network and all take part in the bad beat jackpot. They include Carbon Poker, Aced Poker, Lock Poker and PokerHost. We like PokerHost the best out of all of them. PokerHost matches your first deposit by 150% up to $750 total bonus. They also have great credit card acceptance rates and outstanding customer service. Site traffic is very good and will never have a problem finding the stake level you are looking for.

Check out the PokerHost review or for more information on the bad bet jackpot and the payouts of the bad beat jackpots. All the above mentioned poker sites accept USA players and deposits. If you play cash ring games you might as well play on a bad beat table and take a shot at winning some serious money.