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Americas Cardroom — What Are Sit & Go Tournaments?

September 14, 2019 Category :Online Poker| Tournaments Off

Americas Cardroom has always been very innovative when it comes to online poker tournaments, as they always manage to find a new way to make them more interesting. We live in a fast-paced world, where online poker players don’t really have the time to sit throughout entire tournaments. That is why they came up with this interesting concept which immediately gained popularity among professional and amateur poker players.

If you like fast-paced USA legal poker, this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and win great prizes.

The tournament actually has a pretty standard format. Prize pools and payouts are determined before it begins, and every player who wants to buy themselves a seat at it can see potential prizes.

When it comes to buy-in, everything is possible. They can be as low as $1.50 per tournament and go as high as $1,000. Therefore, it’s up to you to decide which buy-in suits your current budget and skills and start your online poker experience.

Types of poker that are available are Hold ’em PLH High-Low, and PLO High. Moreover, available formats include Regular, Turbo and Hyper-Turbo events. In other words, when you take all these things into account, there is a wide variety of events that can meet everyone’s needs.

Sit & Crush

What makes these tournaments special is the so-called Sit & Crush promotion. With this promo program, all Sit & Go that is collected weekly are redistributed back to players who played the most Sit & Go tournaments.

Every player who takes part at the Sit & Go tournaments at Americas Cardroom will be tracked automatically. The ones that play the most will be on the leaderboard, and the most active ones will be rewarded with cash prizes according to their ranking. Therefore, you don’t have to be good, you just need to be persistent, and prizes will come. However, you should know upfront that there are some really persistent players on the platform.

If you plan to register on Americas Cardroom for the first time, make sure to also check out the welcome bonus that all new poker players receive when they register on the site. Feel free to explore other lucrative promotions, as the site also offers bonuses for existing players.

Moreover, if you want to check out other popular poker platforms, make sure to check some of the poker site reviews in order to learn more about online poker in the US. Apart from Americas Cardroom, other great places for playing poker on the web are Bovada and BetOnline.

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3 Best Online Alternatives to the WSOP Tournament

June 1, 2019 Category :Online Poker Off

The World Series of Poker Tournament has begun and all poker fans are now focused on either playing it or watching it. We believe that you are probably interested in it, but not all people have the time or the money to fly to Las Vegas and take part in this exclusive tournament. Therefore, finding online alternatives is always a good idea, so make sure to read about the three best ones that we are going to present in this article if you like to play USA legal poker.

Americas Cardroom
Americas Cardroom (also known as Americas Card Room) is an excellent online poker platform that has been in business for 18+ years. Apart from offering great poker rooms where you can play various types of poker, this platform also includes a couple of hefty bonuses for both new players and the existing ones. Furthermore, you will be able to use some of the most popular US payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals to and from this site.

Bovada is even older than Americas Cardroom, with its origins dating back to 1995 when it was first launched as one of the online casino pioneers. It is a comprehensive online gambling platform that offers not only poker, but also casino games, betting on sports, and more. Apart from being MAC-compatible and available for US players, this platform also offers a couple of lucrative promotions that could boost your online poker experience.

BetOnline is an online sports betting platform that also has a fantastic online poker section. It offers large bonuses for new players and has been in the business ever since 2001. Playing poker on this platform is legal, and you can use popular payment methods in the US on this platform as well.

If these three sites seem interesting to you, make sure to check out the poker site reviews where you can read more about Americas Cardroom, Bovada, and BetOnline. That way, you will have an opportunity to learn about welcome bonuses, additional promos, poker rooms, quality of the supporting software, and more. Finally, you could check out the three suggested sites yourself and register on them to explore poker rooms and have fun with other games if they are available.

Although they are not the World Series of Poker tournament, these sites are a great alternative and will certainly keep you occupied and satisfy your poker cravings during the tournament.


UK Poker Player Jailed for Fraud

January 23, 2015 Category :Legal| Online Poker Off

Playing online poker should be fun and if you make a few bucks along the way then even better, but for Darren Woods of Healing, England, it was an activity that allowed him to accrue huge profits… by cheating.

Woods, 29, denied 13 fraud offences that took place between 2007 and 2012 but was found guilty at Sheffield Crown Court in South Yorkshire. He was jailed for 15 months but could face a further six years in prison if he doesn’t comply with a confiscation order that demands he pays back £1m (approximately $1.5m) within six months.

It is thought he “won” considerably more than the amount he is being forced to pay back, with some of the money being used via the online poker site to recompense players it is proved he cheated. Woods has assets worth more than £1.4m and it is thought the vast majority of this fortune, equivalent to more than $2m, was obtained by fraudulent online poker activities.

Woods, whose father also admitted to money laundering charges, “rigged” online poker games by fraudulently playing as multiple players at the same time. Effectively he was colluding with himself in order to cheat other players at the table whilst also accumulating commissions and cashbacks from the poker sites themselves.

He used private online networks to disguise his multiple identities and the judge said, “In individual games, other people playing against you stood to lose money because the odds had been rigged in your favour by the creation of multiple identities which were undisclosed to other players. Cheating undermines confidence in the recreational gambling industry.”

Woods was declared bankrupt in 2006 but bounced back to win $213,000 in a World Series of Poker game in Las Vegas in 2011 but rather than continuing to play fairly he thought he had found a way to scam other online players without being caught.

However, both the authorities and the online poker sites are well aware of the risk of such activities and have various methods of combatting them, including algorithms that spot unusual playing patterns and investigations into suspicious poker accounts.

Woods’ father was given a six month suspended prison sentence and will be forced to pay back around £19,000 he is thought to have personally gained from the money laundering.

Why We Play Poker Online

April 11, 2014 Category :Online Poker Off

Playing poker with friends is a great way to have fun and hone your skills while playing in a real-life casino adds a certain glamor to the occasion. But playing online poker has so many benefits that neither of those can match and while all three have their pros and cons, we love playing online poker for the following reasons.

First and most obviously, you don’t need to leave the house! Call me lazy or whatever you will but when the Polar Vortex was freezing the East coast the choice of “stay inside in front of the fire or head round to my buddy’s” was a simple one: sorry Brad! Why not crank that heat up real high and play in your beach wear?!

Another major advantage of playing poker is that most offer a great bonus to help you get started. I’ve played poker at a friends house a lot of times and never once when I walk through the door has someone just give me a thousand bucks. A warm beer sometimes, maybe some chips if I’m real lucky but never a thousand dollars – which is exactly what Bovada offers!

A further benefit of playing poker online is that you can always be guaranteed action. The online casinos and poker rooms never close, never have better things to do and never cancel a game at the last minute. Anytime of the day or night you can be assured of a game if you play online and with many of our featured USA legal poker sites now available on mobile, you can even play on the move or slip in a few hands when waiting around with nothing to do.

Finally, playing online is quick and hassle free, with no concerns about cheating, funky dealing or other people seeing your cards or touching your stack. In addition, you can also find some easy action and really cash in: after all, that heating bill isn’t going to pay itself!

Check out the many great USA poker sites we recommend, all of which welcome USA players. Sign up to claim a huge bonus and enjoy playing online anytime the mood strikes.

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More Options for Bad Beat Jackpots

October 25, 2012 Category :Online Poker Off

For the longest time if you wanted to play at a bad beat jackpot table you had to play at one of the poker sites that operated on the Merge Poker Network. Well finally there is another option for USA players. Some of the poker sites that operate on the Winning Poker Network now accept USA players.

One of the poker site we recently been playing at is Americas Card room. Americas Card Room accepts USA players and deposits and offers a bad beat jackpot. ACR also offers  a great sign up bonus of a 100% match bonus up to $1000 on your first deposit. Americas Card Room has great site traffic being part of the Winning Poker Network and the software is fast and clean. Check out the Americas Card Room review over at PlayUSAOnlinePoker and claim a great bonus.

You can then get in on the action at the bad beat tables and hope for a bad beat so you cash in thousands of dollars. For more information on the ACR bad beat jackpot and the Merge Bad Beat Jackpot see our bad beat jackpots page for terms and conditions as well is an explanation on how the jackpot is paid out. Play at bad beat table and for once hope to get beat holding a monster and win some serious cash.

At the bad beat jackpot on the Winning Network if you get beat with quad 8’s or better you receive 30% of the jackpot. This jackpot is always over $100,000 and at many times a few hundred thousand dollars. The actual winner of the hand also receives a piece of the jackpot and just be sitting at the table where the jackpot is hit and you win some extra cash.

If you play real money cash ring games why do play at a Bad Beat Jackpot table and have a chance at winning some serious bankroll?

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Play Poker and Casino Games

October 16, 2012 Category :Online Poker Off

If you like to poker but also like to relax a little and play some online casino games, you can do both at Bovada and BetOnline. Both sites offer not only a poker room but an online casino and full service sportsbooks as well.

Another great thing by using using these USA legal poker sites is that you can claim a poker bonus plus a casino bonus. Then if you want to bet on sports you can claim a sportsbook bonus as well. Both Bovada and BetOnline accept USA players for all the different products and you can use all three from just one account.

Sign up at Bovada and receive a $1000 poker bonus and a $200 casino table games bonus and a $500 slots bonus. Bovada has been in business since 1995 and is one of the most highly regarded online gaming portals in the business. See a full review for Bovada Poker for more details.

At BetOnline you receive a 25% instant bonus for poker and a 100% match casino bonus. You also receive a 25% casino reload bonus on every deposit you make. The BetOnline poker room is still relatively new and you can find some really juicy games. See here to sign up at BetOnline.

So if you like poker but also like casino games, use either of these poker sites who also have USA friendly online casinos.


Cake Poker Leaves the US Market

October 5, 2012 Category :Online Poker Off

Cake Poker is the latest online poker room to exit the US market. The decision came last week and Cake is no longer accepting new players from the United States. If you had an account with Cake Poker it was transferred to Juicy Stakes, another poker room on the Revolution Poker Network.

This wasn’t a big surprise after Cake sold its network to Lock Poker earlier in the year. If you had an account balance your money is safe and was transferred with your account over to Juicy Stakes. All of your loyalty levels and promotions were transferred to Juicy as well.

Juicy Stakes offers the poker experience as Cake Poker did and may have just a little better success rates in processing deposits than did Cake. It is still quite hard to get a credit card deposit approved however. If you want to play with your account and make another deposit your best option is to send cash by Western Union.

If you live in United States and looking for a listing of USA legal poker sites, there are still plenty available. You can see a great listing of the best USA poker sites over on playusaonlinepoker.com, a poker portal devoted to US online poker.

So in case you didn’t receive the e-mail from Cake and try to log into your account, you will still be able to but don’t get alarmed when you see balance is at zero. Download the Juicy Stakes software and you will be able to log in using your credentials you did at Cake. All you need is your e-mail and password.

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Get Unlimited Reload Bonuses

September 26, 2012 Category :Online Poker Off

If you like to receive poker bonuses check out PokerHost as they not only offer a great sign up bonus but offer a reload bonus on every deposit thereafter. Upon sign up you receive a 150% match bonus up to $750 and then a 75% reload bonus on every deposit you make thereafter. A PokerHost bonuscode is not needed for sign up bonus.

PokerHost is one of the top recommended USA online poker sites available. They have the best site traffic, great software and USA credit cards work great. The software is also Mac compatible and they offer a bad beat jackpot which is currently over $450,000. Take a bad beat holding quad 7’s or better and receive 35% of the jackpot.

Other software features include the ability to Show 1 Card, Deal it Twice and Rabbit Hunt. The software at PokerHost is the most advanced and robust of any USA friendly poker sites. Those who play at PokerHost generally stay at PokerHost. They also offer the largest multi-table guaranteed tournament held on Sundays with a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000.

For more information see our PokerHost review or check out all USA legal poker sites we recommend.