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Are You Ready?

August 7, 2012 Category :General Off

It is finally here, the NFL season. Preseason gets fully underway this week and offers a great opportunity to start betting the NFL. As a sports bettor this is my favorite time of year.

The NFL season is the most popular sports betting time of the year. More Americans bet the NFL than any other sport. Remember though the season is a marathon, not a sprint. You have 20 plus weeks to bet the NFL so there is no need to bet every game. A successful sports bettor will tell you that they pick only 2 or 3 games per week. No one can pick every game, and no one can pick every Monday Night game.

Too many time sports bettors just want in on the action and we are no different. We enjoy betting the TV games as well as Sunday and Monday Night football. You must be careful however and not chase your losses on these games and bet considerably less than you would a game you really like.

There is many online sportsbooks available for sports betting but be sure to do a little research on the sportsbetting site before depositing. Google the sportsbook to see what other players are saying and where other sports bettors are playing. You do not want stuck in a bad situation by not being able to withdraw your winnings.

Also have a few different sportsbooks you can play at and really shop for the best line. In most cases you won’t find a big disparity between lines at the different sportsbooks. In most cases the line may only be a half point different but that half point can make a big difference. A half point can change a push to win or a loss to a push. Over the course of the entire NFL season that can make a huge difference and really change your profitability of the season.

Choosing a Poker Site

August 1, 2012 Category :General Off

There are several things to consider when you are considering which poker site to play at. Are you looking for a bonus, easy competition, a particular software feature or any combination of the above.

When looking at poker bonuses there are two things to consider. One being how large the bonus is and the second how easy the bonus is to clear. Unfortunately even if an online poker site offers a huge bonus, if it is very difficult to earn and expires before you are able to complete the requirements, then the bonus really did nothing for you.

Particular software features are also a big consideration. If you playing with a Mac computer then your poker site choices really shrink as not every poker site offers a Mac compatible version of their software. If you play cash ring games maybe you want to play a bad beat jackpot or you can consider how large the sites multi table tournaments are.

These are things to consider. There are plenty of poker sites online so your choices are abundant. Look for an online poker site that fits your style of play and offers the features you are looking for.

We Need to Follow The UK

July 18, 2012 Category :General Off

While online poker has not been fully legalized in the US, the UK has done what we here in the USA need to, fully regulate and license online poker. By fully regulating online poker UK residents can sleep a little easier at night knowing their money is completely safe.

What’s even better is that online poker sites in the UK offer some great promotions and bonuses. Whether it be a bonus, a freeroll or swag, its yours to claim why not do so. It is silly to play online poker without earning some type of bonus. The bonus helps to offset rake and tournament fee’s you pay to the site for every game you play. By earning bonuses you basically get some type of free online poker. Bonuses make a huge difference over the course of a month. Properly used poker bonuses can add a few hundred dollars to your bankroll monthly.

So take advantage of all the free offers poker sites offer. You are entitled to them so don’t pass them up.

Play Online Poker

July 18, 2012 Category :General Off

If you do not have a land based poker room close by, you can still play online poker from the comfort of your own home. If you are like me you almost enjoy online poker more than playing at land based poker rooms because the action is so much faster. I am impatient and enjoy playing at 2 or 3 tables at a time, something you can’t do at a standard poker room.

If your looking for some action and live in the USA there are still many great US poker sites to play at online. Whats even better by claiming the bonuses offered by these sites you earn more free cash than the comp’s would ever equal at a land based poker room.

Check out the online poker sites we recommend and get started. Claim your bonus and also earn some free cash. Online poker is hardly dead in the USA, play at any of the highly recommended US poker sites still available. These poker sites have been in business for years and have a great reputation for player fairness and speedy payouts.

You can also read reviews if your looking for a particular feature from an online poker room. Some offer a bad beat jackpot or other features like deal it twice, rabbit hunting or the ability to show 1 card when you fold. Read the reviews to find the poker site that meets the needs of your style of play.

Merge Downtime

July 17, 2012 Category :General Off

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the poker sites that operate on the Merge Poker Network will be unavailable from 2am to 4am tonight for scheduled maintainance. This was a planned outage so no nee