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Full Tilt Poker Download Guide & Features

January 22, 2013 Category :General Off

Full Tilt Poker is one of the world’s leading poker rooms in large part due to their proprietary software platform. Downloading the poker client on your computer (PC & Mac) or mobile device (iOS & Android) only requires you to follow the simple 3-step process below.

How to Download Full Tilt Poker Software Instantly

1. Visit Full Tilt Poker and click the “Download & Play” link in the top right corner to view the download page. When you’re on the download page you can view the steps to downloading the software although you won’t need to, as it’s very easy.

2. If you’re using a PC click the “Play Poker” button to download the Windows software. If you’re using a Mac you need to click on the “Mac” link to make sure you download the poker client that’s compatible on your computer.

3. The last step that you need to do is register your account once the software starts. After you complete the registration you’ll be sent an activation email with a code that you need to use to activate your account at Full Tilt Poker.

The iOS and Android poker apps are downloaded the same way and you can view guides on the download page at Full Tilt Poker if you need any help. Or, if you want a step-by-step process on the Full Tilt Poker download, click here for a site that walks you through the process. The Full Tilt Poker mobile client allows new players to register an account without having to use a computer.

Full Tilt Poker Software Features

• As soon as you download the software you’ll start to use the expansive filters list and tabs. You can use the filters to set features such as the stake, buy-in, currency and max players to make finding the games you want simpler.

• Full Tilt Poker include basic stats that you can view while playing on any table. The stats update after every hand and they restart after each session. Full Tilt Poker will email you historical data if you request it as well at anytime.

• Full Tilt Poker has great hand histories and a hand replayer that allows you to instantly what any hands that you want to review from your current session. Viewing hand histories is something every poker player should be doing.

• Like many poker sites, Full Tilt Poker has a note system that lets players keep notes on other players. If you play the same stakes you’ll play against the same players a lot. Having notes on your competition will give you reads on their game.

• The Full Tilt Poker software has the capabilities to multi-table 24 cash games at once and any number of tournaments. You can tile the tables to any size and save your set-up, so that you can quickly deploy multiple tables the way you want.

• Two of the biggest software features at Full Tilt Poker are Rush Poker Games. Rush Poker is a fast-fold poker variant for the real gamblers. Home poker games allow you to play play/real money tourneys against your friends.

• Full Tilt Poker has never had too many table features like some of the smaller networks, but they have the “Run it Twice” software feature that can be triggered once there is no more action in a cash game hand and each player agrees.

• The software has a total of 13 poker games that players can play for real money. There are also a ton of different tourney types at Full Tilt Poker that you can consistently play due to the large player base including some with six figure prize pools.

It only takes a few minutes to download the Full Tilt Poker software, register an account and start playing online poker. The software will automatically update when it has to once you download it for the first time to your PC, Mac, iOS or Android.

Unfortunatly FullTilt does not allow USA players.

Playing More Than Poker

January 18, 2013 Category :General Off

Almost all poker players also enjoy some casino action and betting on sports. Sports Betting is probably more popular than playing casino games because most poker players do not rely on luck. They like to have a say in the outcome of the game. In poker any very good or professional player will tell you it is not about the cards that you are dealt, it is how you play them. A good player can win with almost any starting hand by relying on their own skill to win.

The same is with sports betting. While you personally cannot help to determine the outcome of the game, you can do some research and look at stats and try to handicap the match up. While there is no such thing as a perfect bet, the more information you have available the better of an educated decision you can make. Playing casino games however you are almost always at the mercy of the cards.

Before you gamble online make sure you do your homework whether it is poker or sports betting. Even in blackjack there are certain strategies that can help you win more and loose less. By following proper blackjack strategy you can see your winning streaks become longer and your losing streaks shorter. You always have to take the time to learn the game and develop strategies to help your gambling be more profitable. This is especially true for poker.

Poker is a skill game and must be treated like a sport and you are the athlete. The more you practice the better you will become. Doyle Brunson once said, “Texas Hold’em takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master”. You can never read to many articles or books on playing poker.

Many poker pros have written books giving pointers on how they play and share their experiences to help better your game. One book I personally really enjoyed is Phil Gordons Little Green Book. It is packed full of useful information and he discusses his techniques and why he employs them. After reading this book I can honestly say my poker game became better.

So make sure you do your research before gambling online or in a casino. If you want to rely on pure luck you might as well go play a slot machine!

Playing Poker on Your Macintosh

January 17, 2013 Category :General Off

If you are using a Macintosh computer you are probably aware that your choices of online poker sites are somewhat limited. Not every online poker site offers a software version for Macintosh users. Generally only the larger stand alone poker sites will offer a Mac compatible version of their software or you will find certain poker networks will have a Macintosh version available. If playing on a network you can use any of the “skins” that operate on the network to use your Macintosh machine.

If you are looking for a poker site to use your Mac check out http//:poker-macintosh.com to see a great listing of Macintosh poker sites. There are still several great options for Macintosh users and you can have a great online poker experience at any of these recommended sites. If you also like to play online casino games the website also lists the best Casinos available for Mac users.

If you live the USA you can play online poker at Carbon Poker but non USA residents have many more options. Play at the largest poker sites on the Internet with your Macintosh including PokerStars, 888Poker, Muchos Poker and Party Poker. Be sure to claim your sign up bonus at all of these sites as it is free money. All the Mac poker sites offer a great sign up bonus on your first deposit and many also offer reload bonuses on subsequent deposits.

One of the main reasons there are less online poker sites that have a Macintosh version of their software is simply money. It costs the poker site a substantial amount of capital to develop a Mac version of their software and that is why you will find only the larger poker sites doing so. With the number of Mac users growing substantially in the last few years, especially with their tablets, you can expect more poker sites to soon offer a Macintosh version of the software.

You can still play Poker on Macintosh, it is just the number of choices available are less than if you were using a PC. The good news however is if a poker site offers a Mac version of their software you can bet they are an established and reputable online poker site.

Playing High Stakes Poker

January 16, 2013 Category :General Off

A common mistake some newer online poker players make is to play at stakes higher than their ability allows. This often happens if a new player wins some pots or tournaments at a lower stakes level and thinks he or she is seasoned enough to play with the big boys. Realistically any new player should stay below the $2/$4 blind level until they have at least 1 year of solid poker under their belt. As Doyle Brunson once said, “Texas Hold’em takes a minute to learn but a Lifetime to Master” and this is a true statement.

Playing high stakes poker is like fighting a heavy weight fight. The opponents have trained and are at the top of their game playing for big money. Many professional poker players play high stakes and love it when an inexperienced player sits down at the table. These guys play poker for a living and obviously are successful at it. If they are making a living by playing poker the money they win is coming out of someones pocket and a lot of times it is the inexperienced players who roll over so easy.

Even in my own personal experience, several times I thought I was ready to play $10/$20 blinds and above only to see my whole bankroll wiped out in one quick evening. The game changes at higher stakes as it is more aggressive and bluffing becomes a bigger part of the game. You really have to have your head in the game without any distractions. You may win a pot here and there but over the long term you can lose a huge amount of cash. One big pot can really swing your bankroll one way or the other.

Some think they will sit at a high stakes table and only play solid cards. Well guess what? The professional players will catch on to that quickly. If you only play great starting hands and only bet when you have top pair or better you will quickly see everyone around the table fold. Ever wonder why Dan Harrington gets deep in tournaments but never seems to win? It because he plays very tight. In tournaments playing tight can work in the first half of the tournament but you have to loosen up your play in the second half if you want to win the whole thing.

One thing I do when playing higher stakes is to always keep my bets about the same amount regardless if I a pair of Aces in the hole or 9/10 suited. This way the other players will never quite know what hand I am starting out with. If keeps the others player guessing but you can also expect other player to use the same strategy.

So before you start to play High Stakes Poker be sure you are ready. You should have plenty of experience under your belt and also slowly climb up the stakes levels. It is very hard to be successful moving from a $1/$2 table to a $10/$20 table without any practice in between.

Play Poker and Bet on Sports

December 7, 2012 Category :General Off

Many poker players including ourselves enjoy playing poker and also betting on sports. If you also a sports bettor this is a great time of year with NFL teams fighting for playoff positions, College Bowl Season kicking off in a few weeks, and the NBA and NCAA basketball in full swing. As a sports bettor you can always find some sort of action everyday and even enjoy watching the event on TV. If you do enjoy poker as well as making a few wagers you can find many great poker sites that also offer a full service sportsbook.

A great resource for online sportsbooks is SportsbookUpdate.com where you can find the most established and well respected online sportsbooks on the Internet, many of which also offer a poker room. SportsbookUpdate.com not only lists well established and trustworthy sportsbooks but also sportsbooks to avoid. The worse feeling on the world is have a great week or weekend betting on sports only for your online sportsbook to stiff you. You won’t have to worry about that scenerio happening by ssticking with the recommended books listed and staying away from the “Blacklist” sportsbooks. SportsbookUpdate rates the sportsbooks with a letter grade ranging from A+ to F. 5Dimes, Bookmaker and Pinnacle all received an A+ rating and have been in business for years. Never worry about whether you will paid or even paid slowly at any of these books. If you live in the United States you can also find a listing of USA friendly sportsbooks.

If you are looking for a particular banking method SportsBookUpdate has you covered there as well. Just like in poker, for USA residents it can be a hassle to try to get a deposit approved at some sportsbooks but SportsbookUpdate lists all the popular deposit methods and shows which sportsbooks accept that payment method. From eChecks to Neteller you will find a great listing of deposit methods.

You can also find recent promotions including free bets and percentage match bonuses on deposits. So if you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy place to bet on sports, check out all the online sportsbooks recommended at SportsbookUpdate.

Receive the Best Bonus at Winner

November 28, 2012 Category :General Off

If you are thinking about playing online poker at Winner, be sure you are guaranteed the best bonus available. The folks over at winnerpokerbonuscode.com have negotiated the best sign up bonus available. Claim a huge 250% match bonus up to $2000 by using their bonuscode.

Not only receive the best bonus available but also find an in-depth review of the Winner Poker site. Find bonus information, a software review as well as a listing of the different games offered. If you want more than a bonus you can also be eligible for rakeback by signing up through this website.

A huge advantage to playing at Winner is the ease in which you can earn your bonus. Winner has one of the easiest poker bonuses to earn only requiring you spend $1.83 in tournament fees to earn $1 of your bonus. This is a huge advantage as you add to your bankroll with every game you play. Unlike other online poker sites that require over $5 in fees or rake to earn just $1 of bonus, at Winner you can actually earn bonus dollars quickly to add to your bankroll, and with a $2000 bonus that is some serious cash.

Winner runs on the iPoker Network and has outstanding site traffic as a result. Regardless of the time of day you sitting down at a table you can always find the stakes level or tournament you are looking for. A popular tournament at Winner is the Jackpot Sit ‘n Go’s where you can win up to $50K for just a few pennies to start. These tournaments are a great bankroll management tool where you have a chance to win some serious money for a very small buy-in.

To get started click here and you will taken directly to the Winner Poker Bonuscode website where you will be able to find the best Winner Poker Bonuscode available. Claim a huge 250% match bonus up to $2000 and also be eligable to play in exclusive beginner freerolls.

Interesting Facts about Poker for Mac

November 27, 2012 Category :General Off

Online poker was developed in late 1990s. Early versions of this amazing game wouldn’t work onMac (Macintosh computers). All of them were only for Windows operation systems. As a matter of fact, Apple wasn’t a success company during early days of online poker games. But in 2003, when Chris Moneymaker converted $39 into$2.5 millions thankfully to online poker, this game has become very popular among gamblers.
At that time Apple created a lot of devices like MacBook, iMac, MacBookPro and others. A lot of people started to use these devices, and some of them were fans of online poker.
Today you can find a great variety of casino games on Mac. Some of them are no download ones, the other ones you can install into your computer device.

Instant online poker for Mac

poker for mac devicesSome players don’t like installing anything into their computers. Additional soft will take a lot of place on your hard disk. So today you can find a lot of marvelous no download Mac casinos at www.pokermac.org/mac-casinos. They will offer you to play poker right from your browser. In most cases the game is available with Java or Flash technologies. Mostly online casinos use Macromedia Flash one, because it can guarantee online poker games rich graphics without any lags. Java technology is not so popular, but it can offer Mac users some of the best online casino games with their benefits.
You’ll have to spend some time to find a good Mac online casino with poker rooms. First of all, the main page of the online casino should be marked that it could work on Mac. All others casinos work with Windows only.

Online poker: entertainment or moneymaking?

A lot of gamblers ask themselves:” Can I earn money playing online poker?” To be honest, yes, you can. But it requires a lot of patience. Find a reliable Mac casino with online poker rooms. Compare poker variations and look for useful strategies. Test them and analyze results. You can also contact more experienced poker players for pieces of advices. But don’t buy any kind of online poker systems. Almost all of them are available for free. If you want to buy something, it would be better to purchase some printed books about online poker.
Many Mac owners join online casinos to play poker for fun. A lot of websites offer this wonderful card game absolutely for free. Choose your Mac casino for poker carefully. Check website’s graphics quality and also pay attention to custom support services. If you find a good Mac casino your poker experience will be excited and unforgettable.

Microgaming Casinos : History

November 16, 2012 Category :General Off

It was about 20 years ago when Microgaming first launched the real online casino. Ever since, the company has always managed to be ahead of all its competitors. Today, it is one of the biggest casino software companies worldwide. It is also one of the most popular packages, which provide outstanding graphics along with high sound quality. There are several reasons for that.

So start with, microgaming has been constantly producing the best online casino games. The other rather important benefits of microgaming success are its free bonuses and free spins. It is obvious that every gambler first wants to try playing the game and in case he or she lives it, to buy it. Microgaming gives the players such cool possibility. Meanwhile, others online casinos software do not offer such chance to their customers. Thus, it is for sure that microgaming will be chosen due to this free trial game period.

In addition, the company has a large collection of various games, including roulettes, video poker games and slots. All available games are fresh and fun. So, it is now of vital importance to browse any of them.

Video Poker At Microgaming Casinos

microgaming video pokerMicrogaming Video Poker- What is It Like? To start with, it is a kind of multiple game, which features single or multi hand play. Microgaming offers its customers a great number of video poker variants. So, it is obvious that even the most sophisticated gambler will find something cool to satisfy his or her needs. Besides, video poker at microgaming casinos is considered to bring matchless gaming excitement.
Finally, one of the main benefits of microgaming video poker is that it is the most realistic looking software currently available. As a result, video poker machines are now used at a great amount of online casinos due to their vast popular with casino players.

You are also strongly recommended to find any useful article about video poker at Microgaming casinos before starting playing any video poker game. Only after reading some reviews and communicating with its players you will have a chance to win huge.

All Jackpots Casino

When it comes to the best online microgaming casinos, All Jackpots Casino is definitely in this list. Of course, there are some grounds of this. First of all, All Jackpots Casino offers about 400 cool games, what is more, its variety is truly striking.

All Jackpots Casino features about three hundred various slots as well as fifteen ones with the progressive jackpots. The gamblers of this casino find it cool that it offers a wide choice of slot and card tournaments as well. 40 variations of video poker are also available in this casino.
Furthermore, the casino has recently launched casino’s mobile and flash based products, which have quickly become extremely popular among all its customers.

All Jackpots Casino boosts two hundred slots, which do not require download. So, you can simply enjoy playing them right from your browser.
Finally, when it comes to the casino’s customer support, it is sure that all the customers are pleased about their behavior, constant wish to help and politeness. So, why not to join this cool casino and let lady luck smile on you?!