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Play Online Poker and Bet the NFL

October 24, 2016 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

BetOnlineIf you are anything like me, not only do you like to play some online poker but also like to bet on the NFL and college football from time  to time. I use to have an online sportsbook account and then also has a few account where I played online poker. I never really thought about it, but why would I have my money spread around in so many different places? Once I wised up, I have only one account that I use to play both online poker and bet on the NFL and college football.

If you want to be able to bet on some sports and still play online poker from the same account I recommend BetOnline. BetOnline is where I do the majority of my sports betting and they offer a great online and full service sportsbook. I live in the United States and if you do also, BetOnline welcomes USA players.

BetOnline opened back in 2001 and actually opened as a sportsbook. Not until their sportsbook became pretty popular did they then launch the BetOnline Poker Room. With a fully functional sportsbook, one advantage BetOnline has over other poker start ups is they already a player base. While not every sports bettor came over to also play online poker, they did have quite a few which helped the poker room right from the start. Now today, the BetOnline Poker Room has became pretty popular n its own and has adequate site traffic.

Find a full selection of sit and go’s, multi table tournaments and plenty of ring games. Because many of the players are first sports bettors and only come over to the poker room for a little fun and entertainment, you can find some pretty juicy games and tournaments. Do not be afraid to go to the river against a few players when you have a decent hand.

The sportsbook at BetOnline is available both online and for use over the phone. It has received all kinds of awards and was a hit with USA residents as soon as it opened. Bet on just about anything you can imagine at BetOnline and have every and any type of bet available. Whether you only make straight bets or like to parlay, tease, do if bets or reverses, you can them and plenty more bets at BetOnline.

So if you want to play some online USA legal poker and also have access to a sportsbook, BetOnline is a great choice. USA players like myself really like BetOnline because deposits and withdraws are some of the easiest you will find anywhere. Credit cards get approved easily but they also offer Bitcoin deposits and cash transfers as well. Withdraws are processed fast and if you need cash quick, request a cash transfer and have your pick up details in as little as 12 hours! In most cases it takes about 24 hours but we have had our cash pickup details in 12 hours in the past.

Play online poker at one of the best USA poker sites and also bet on sports at one of the best USA online sportsbooks. For more information and/or to get started, see our full BetOnline Poker Review. BetOnline also offers an online casino so if you want to try your luck on some slots or casino games you can also do that. If you do decide to try out the casino, check out the live dealer casino. There you can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino holdem with a real live person as the dealer. You actually play at a brick and mortar casino and are connected by a live streaming feed to be able to communicate with the casino. For more information about live dealer casinos and games see another website we run, http://www.livecasinousa.com which is dedicated to USA live dealer casino play.

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A Quick Look at Americas Card Room

March 13, 2014 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

Americas Card RoomAmerica’s Cardroom is one of the longer established USA legal online poker sites you will find and with that comes plenty of industry know how and a great player experience. Read on for the full run down with details of their latest promotions and bonuses, best features and the quality of their gameplay.

America’s Cardroom offers new players a 100% match bonus up to $1000 on your first deposit. The bonuses do not stop there however, America’s Card Room is constantly offering bonuses and promotions and they are not kidding when they state, “the sole purpose at Americas Cardroom is to bring ongoing promotions designed for US poker players.

Even though they are great, the bonuses are not the main reason to come to America’s Cardroom. The main reason to play here is that they are – as the name suggests – a great way for USA poker fans to get some action. Deposits and withdrawals are handled really well and there’s always a good choice of games going on. In addition the registration process is just about the quickest and easiest we’ve ever seen so you can get going right away.

Another really neat feature at America’s Cardroom is their great Poker School, which has a really detailed guide to playing the game. If all your buddies never stop talking about poker but you think a flush is something that happens in the restroom and a full house is what you have at Thanksgiving then this is the place to go and learn about this awesome game.

In the Poker School you’ll find rules, strategy, tips and loads of detailed articles that will help both total poker pretenders and poker pros. It’s nicely laid out, easy to use and a top quality resource.

America’s Cardroom also offers a wide variety of games in both the of type and stake size, so there will always be something you feel comfortable with playing. The games, like America’s Cardroom’s customer support, are available 24/7 with live chat always available resolving any issues that may come up.

America’s Card Room is a great place to play USA legal poker and you will be able to find all the action you want at the tables. For more information see our complete Americas Card Room review and get started at one of the best USA online poker sites available.

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Americas Card Room Named Best

May 25, 2013 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

Americas Card RoomWe have always had Americas Card Room in the top 3 as a great place to play USA legal poker and now will their improved deposit successes we have named them the best USA legal poker site. Sign up at Americas Card Room (ACR) and claim a great bonus and get your deposits approved.

Americas Card Room offers a 100% match first deposit bonus up to $1000 which is pretty easy to earn. You earn $1 of your Americas Card Room bonus for every 5.5 rank points earned. You earn rank points by playing real money ring games and tournaments. Earn 5.5 rank points for every $1 contributed to rakes or paid in tournaments fee’s. After earning 55 rank points $5 of your bonus is released into your real money player account.

Americas Card Room offers some great deposit options for USA residents. Deposit with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. They have great success getting credit acrds approved but if for some reason yours is declined you can send cash by Western Union or Money Gram. When you want to make a withdraw you can do so by requesting a check or cash. Checks arrive in about 7 business days and you can have your cash pickup details in as little as 72 hours.

Some great features at Americas Card Room include a bad beat jackpot and a progressive rake chase. Americas Card Room is one of the few USA legal poker sites that offera  bad beat jackpot. Get beat holding quad 8’s or better and receive 30% of the jackpot. The jackpot is regularly over $100,000 and has grown to be a half millions dollars.

You can also play in ther progressive rake chase. The rake chase is a monthly progressive poool that gets paid out at the end of the month to the most activ eplayers. The size of the pool is dertimined by how many players are playing and how much. It also is usually over $100,000. At the end of the month, based on how many players were playing in the month, 30-50 players share this jackpot.

So if you are looking for a great USA legal poker site, see our Americas Card Room review for more information and sign up as a new player. When you use our website to sign up receive a $1000 bonus which is easy to earn. Americas Card is our best USA poker site.

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Play at PokerHost – Our Best Site

February 10, 2013 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

If you live in the United States and are looking for a great USA legal poker site to play at, check out PokerHost. PokerHost accepts USA players and deposits and is our best USA legal poker site. They have great deposit options and outstanding site traffic and software.

Sign up at PokerHost and claim a great 200% match sign up bonus up to $5000 on your first deposit. You will also receive a reload on every deposit you make thereafter. PokerHost is one of the most generous USA poker sites when it comes to bonuses. When you play at PokerHost you will always be earning a bonus.

PokerHost also does a great job getting USA credit card deposits approved. You can deposit with your Visa or MasterCard and chances are it will be approved. In the event it is not, you can use Western Union to send cash using your credit card. PokerHost is the only online poker site that allows this type of deposit. You can simply go to the Western Union website and send cash using your credit card. Western Union deposits are always approved so will be playing online poker in minutes.

PokerHost also offers very fast withdraws. You can receive you winnings by check, wire or cash transfer. If you choose the cash transfer option you can have your pickup details within 36 hours.

PokerHost also has outstanding site traffic and software. They operate on the Merge Gaming Network which is the largest poker network for USA poker sites. You will always find ring games and tournaments at the levels you wish regardless of the time of day. You will also find very robust software which includes features like Show 1 Card, Rabbit Hunting and Deal it Twice. The software is also Mac compatible.

For more information see our PokerHost review and sign up as a new player. You will not be disappointed with the online poker experience at PokerHost. Players who try PokerHost generally stay at PokerHost.

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Play at the Best USA Poker Site

January 19, 2013 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

There are plenty of USA legal poker sites on the Internet and we would like to have the chance to send you to the best USA legal poker site available – PokerHost. All the poker sites we have listed on this website are good sites, but PokerHost is head and shoulders above all the other USA legal poker sites available.

PokerHost has been named our best USA legal poker site. We have been playing at PokerHost for at least the last 5 years and even when FullTilt and Poker Stars still accepted USA players we always played at PokerHost. They have been in business since 2005 and take online poker seriously. There is not another poker site out there that can beat PokerHost when it comes to customer service and attention to their players. They treat everyone like a celebrity and they continue to update their software to be sure they are on the cutting edge of technology and software features.

PokerHost offers the largest sign up bonus of any USA legal poker site offering new players a 200% match bonus up to $5000 on their first deposit. PokerHost also offers a reload bonus on every redeposit you make every day all day. When playing at PokerHost you will always be earning a bonus. Because they are so generous with bonuses, if you take advantage of them properly you can add a few hundred dollars to your bankroll every month. Many times we will even make a deposit even if we have plenty of money in our account just to increase our pending bonus account.

Deposits are easy at PokerHost and you can use your USA Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. They do an outstanding job getting credit card deposits approved but if for some reason your credit card is declined simply give them a call at 1800POKER11. Chances are they will be able to get your credit card approved over the phone. If all else fails you can also send cash by Western Union or Money Gram.

If you have ever waited for what seems forever to receive your withdraw from other online poker sites, you will not experience that at PokerHost. They have the fastest withdraws in the industry offering Western Union and Money Gram withdraws where the pick-up details are available within 48 hours. No other poker site offers faster withdraws. Bank wires and checks are also available and take about 5 business days to be received.

The software is also cutting edge and a full download Mac compatible version is avialble. Find software features like Deal it Twice, Show 1 Card and Rabbit Hunting to name a few. The graphics are also great and the software is super-fast.

Site traffic is the best of all USA legal poker sites and you will never have to wait for a table to start at the stake levels of your choice regardless of what time of day it is. Multi table tournaments are abundant and sit n go’s fill up quickly.

See our PokerHost review for more details and play at the best USA legal poker site. If we have already convinced you sign up now and we are pretty certain you will not be disappointed.


January 2013 Poker Sites

January 10, 2013 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

If you play online poker and live in the United States you are aware of the ever changing environment. Hopefully 2013 will finally bring full legislation to the USA legal poker world as some states are getting very close. Until then continue to check our website to find the best USA online poker sites for 2013.

BetOnline Poker is our top recommended poker site for January 2013. They have been business since 2001 and have no plans on ever leaving the US market. The poker room is still relatively new and the majority of their poker players came over from their very popular online sportsbook. Because of this you can find some really juicy games at BetOnline. Many of the players have just started to play online poker and do not completely know the game as of yet. Play solid poker and you can take down some very nice pots.

For a full listing of the best poker sites of 2013, see our page listing the best USA online poker sites for 2013. BetOnline has the top spot but Bovada and PokerHost are very close behind.

Be sure to use the links provided to claim the best bonus offered by the poker site. You should always claim as many bonuses as possible because it is free money. If used properly poker bonuses can add a few hundred dollars to your bankroll monthly.


Legal Poker Sites for December 2012

December 2, 2012 Category :Featured Legal Sites Off

If you are looking for USA legal poker sites to play at in December 2012, check out our listing of USA poker sites. All accept USA players still now in 2012 and all also do a great job getting USA deposits approved.

One of our top USA legal poker sites is Bovada Poker. Bovada Poker offers a great 100% match sign up bonus up to $1000 and it is also easy to earn. At Bovada you earn $1 of your bonus for just every $3.33 paid in tournament fees and or contributed to rake. Bovada has been in business since 1995 and was once called Bodog. Bodog still exists but the name has changed to Bovada for USA players. Bovada does a great job getting USA credit cards approved but also offers Western Union and Money Gram as a deposit method if your credit card is declined. Bovada has very good site traffic and play with the players operating at Bogdog as well. See the Bovada Poker review to sign up and get started.

Another USA friendly poker site we recommend is Lock Poker. Lock Poker also accepts USA players and is a legal poker site. Lock may have some of the best USA credit card deposit success rates in the industry. they accept Visa and American Express and Visa deposits are approved with great success. Lock also offers a huge 200% match bonus up to $4000 which is the easiest USA poker bonus to earn. Clear $1 of your bonus for just every $2.38 paid in fees or rake.See the  Lock Poker review and claim the largest bonus in the industry.

So check out these poker reviews and play USA legal poker even still now in December 2012. These poker sites still allow USA players and do an outstanding job getting USA deposits approved. Be sure to claim your sign up by using the links provided in poker review.