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Another Venom Tournament to Take Place at America’s Cardroom

Posted on January 8, 2021 | Comments Off on Another Venom Tournament to Take Place at America’s Cardroom

Even though the year 2020 wasn’t really that good for land-based poker rooms, their online counterparts thrived, as many players had an opportunity to play online poker for the first time. Americas Cardroom, one of the biggest poker platforms in the US, offered a tournament called The Venom, which was marketed as the most prominent online PKO tournament.

The USA legal poker  tournament took place from October 23 to November 24. It attracted plenty of players who had an opportunity to take a shot at the chunk of $5 million in guaranteed prizes. However, America’s Cardroom is about to break a record (set by itself) once again by offering $8 million in guarantees.

The event will start on January 22. There will be four Day 1 flights, Day 2, Day 3, and the grand finale. The first-placed player will have a chance to win $1 million in guaranteed prizes. The platform also promises an unforgettable online poker experience for everyone who takes part in this game.

The first Day 1 flight will start on January 22. Day 1B will be on January 24, and Day 1C on January 29. Finally, Day 1D will take place on the last day of January.

Day 2 will continue the day after, on February 1, and Day 3 will take place on February 2. Finally, the final table is scheduled for February 3.

How to Start Playing?  

To become part of The Venom, you’ll have to pay the buy-in price of $2,650. However, America’s Cardroom also offers plenty of satellite tournaments where you can win the seat for The Venom for much smaller buy-ins.

One of the competitions that stands out is Venom Blitz Steps, which has nine levels, and every time you reach 5,000 chips, you can level up. If you make it past level 9, you’ll receive a $2,650 seat for The Venom. The good news is that you can jump in on any level you like, but the tickets get more expensive with levels. The starting price is just $0.11.

Another popular way to get in is via the Venom Step Tournaments. Step 1 is literally free to enter. These tournaments run around the clock, so make sure to keep an eye on the tournament schedule if you want to take part in them.

Americas Cardroom is considered the best USA legal poker site, so feel free to check out our review of the popular platform and learn more about other available games, tournaments, bonuses, and more.

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