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Poker Lingo: Explanations of Poker Terms — Part 1

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Playing poker with your friends is always fun, and if both you and your friends are new to the game, you will not run into trouble while playing the game. The rules of Texas hold ’em and other poker variants are somewhat simple.

However, the moment you decide to play USA legal poker on a slightly more professional level (which usually means playing online poker), you will encounter some of the terms that may not be as familiar. These terms are usually related to some poker strategies or betting that are widely accepted by the players.

Let’s take a look at a couple of interesting ones.


The ante is usually a type of small bet that all players have to make before every hand. It’s a sort of payment for taking part in playing the hand.


Backdoor winners are those who don’t have favorable cards on the flop, but they manage to make a good hand with the turn and the river. In other words, their win came through the back door and not straight away. For example, if you have 9, 10, and J in your hand and on the flop, and Q and K coming on the turn and the river, respectively, you will make a backdoor win.


In tournaments, many players pay an entry fee (the buy-in) in order to take part and play poker against other players. However, not all players get a prize. Before every event, the number of players who get to share the prize pool is determined. The last player to finish the game without receiving any money is the bubble. For example, if the top 15 spots are paid and you end up 16th, you are officially the bubble.


Being counterfeited meaning getting cards on the board that make your hole cards without value. For example, if you have a pair of fives in your hand and the community cards display a pair of nines and a pair of jacks, your fives are no longer important, and all other players can beat you if they have a hole card higher than a five.

Every once in a while, we will get back to the Poker Lingo articles and continue exploring interesting terms used in poker. Until then, make sure to check out some poker site reviews and start your online journey as a poker player. Most of these sites offer great welcome bonuses for new players, and they are a great way of entering the world of semi-professional and professional poker.

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