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Poker Player Dragged off Airplane

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The semi-professional poker player from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, was recently dragged of the overbooked United Airlines flight at Chicago O’Hare. This scandal was recorded on video, showing a man beaten and bleeding from the mouth as the officers of the law pulled him out of the plane. According to the police, the 69-year-old tried to attack police officers, which is why the policemen replied with force. Dao is a doctor whose medical license was suspended from 2003 to 2015, due to the charges of ‘criminal acts of trafficking in a controlled substance, obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit, and unauthorized prescribing, dispensing or administering of controlled substances’. Namely, Dr. Dao, the father of five, gave prescription drugs to one of his patients in exchange for gay sex.

His patient, Brian Case, stated that Dao wanted to hook him on prescription drugs in order to keep him coming back. Even though the doctor denied the accusations, he was caught shirtless on camera with his young lover, and was convicted, but avoided prison time. The medical authorities suspended his license for more than 12 years.

Since his license was suspended, David Dao needed a way to earn extra cash, so he turned to poker, and became a semi-professional player who was pretty successful in the World Series of Poker. He joined the circuit in 2006 and during the next decade, he made hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to the World Series of Poker official website, he earned a total of $234,664. His biggest win was recorded in Mississippi in 2008, when he walked away with a whopping $117,744. At this tournament, the doctor demolished the poker star Matt Stout, who has 12 years of experience and more than $1.4 million in WSOP earnings. Stout remembers the man who kicked his but at the final table as a quiet, peaceful guy, whose fearless playing style got him the second position in Mississippi.

His first tournament got him only $326 and a fifteenth place, but after that he started winning some serious cash. In 2008, David Dao won more than $20,000 in three different tournaments, and we already told you about the success he had during 2009. After a pause he made in 2012, the doctor recorded his next big win in 2016, pocketing more than $19,000. In his last appearance in January 2017, Dao went home with $1,191, finishing the tournament in 11th place. Since he usually kept to himself on those tournaments, Dao wasn’t very noticeable, but after the airplane scandal, his poker opponents started realizing that this beaten old man is actually their adversary from the poker table.

Dr. Dao went through hell after his conviction, including intense scrutiny, and years of re-training, but he never lost hope he will get his license back, which happened in 2015. The medical authorities partially re-instated his license, but his access to patients is quite restricted. Even though Dao’s wife was the first to alert medical authorities on the gay relationship between her husband and his patient, she stood by him the entire time, and they are still living together in their family home in Elizabethtown.

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